Anatomy Manikin Hospital Instrument SC-A1042 85cm Both Sexes Torso Model with 21 Parts

This torso model has added asexual genitalia to the original one. The product is made of advanced PVC material, which has a long service life and is not easy to deform. This product is our anatomical series, used for medical school teaching, hospital training, etc. It is a body model with performance and function.

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SC-A1042  85 cm both sexes torso model (21 parts)

1. The increased on the basis of XC - 204 asexual genitalia.    

2. Can be divided into 21: torso, the female chest cover, head, eye, brain, spinal cord, lung (2), the heart(2), liver, kidney, stomach, intestinal (2), the male reproductive organs (2), the female reproductive organs with fetal (3 pieces), asexual genitalia.    

3. of the stomach and intestine with XC - 204 in the stomach and intestinal replacement.    

4. Made from PVC, placed inside plastic seat.    

5. Size: 85 cm.      

6. Packing: 91 x44x34cm, 1 piece/carton, 12 kg    

Company Information

We are Chongqing Scope Instrument Co., Ltd, located in Chongqing, China.

We are not only a supplier of microscopes, but also expand new products on the original products, including metallographic equipment, durometer, air disinfector, and human medical model.

We have more than ten years of experience in foreign trade and export, and our customers are all over the world. There is a complete process plan for the quality of products, delivery and the guarantee of customers after receiving products.

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1. what's your product usage range?

------Our products are widely used in the field of laboratory, college and university education. Agriculture, industry, petroleum, geology and medical unit.

2. What's your popular products?

-------Most of our products are very popular in many countries, like microscope, metallographic equipment. And now we also sale medical manikins.

3. How about your warranty?

------We supply 1 year warranty. During this period, we provide online technical support. If parts need to be replaced according to specific conditions, please communicate with our sales personnel.

4. How can I choose the suitable one?

------Please tell us your detailed requirements by mail or online,we will recommend the suitable one as your reques

5. How to deliver?

------The first choice is express shipping, followed by air and sea freight. Also we can deliver it by customer's forwarder.

6. How can I pay?

-----We accept many payment term, such as T/T, Western Union and so on.

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