Medical Puncture Model Infant Head Vein Puncture SC-HS6/1 Advanced PVC Chongqing Scope Supply

SC-H6/1 infant head vein pucture model is widely used in hospital and medical school.

This product is made of advanced PVC, which is durable and Inflexible. It Can be used for multiple training.

Chongqing Scope can supply many kinds of medica manikin models.

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SC-HS6/1 Infant Head Venipuncture Training  Nursing Manikin


This product is an intravenous injection model of a baby's head. It is used for hospital simulation training and teaching in medical schools. This product is made of simulation materials, which makes it feel real and can replace the skin of the head.


1.Infant cephalic injection training;    

2.infant cephalic transfusion training    

3.there is obvious feeling when needle penetrates into the veins , blood flashback indicates proper inertion    

4.Veins and skin can be acupunctured repeatedly, and these operations won't cause leaks.    

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