The Selecting of Pipette Tips

May 05, 2023
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In the course of our biological experiments, pipette tips are always used for liquid collection and use. This will involve the liquid capacity and the adaptation of the tip to the pipette.

When you choose pipette tips, please consider a few points

  1. 1. What kind of packing method is required?

  2. We offer them in bags and boxes. There are more tips in bags, which is suitable for a relatively large one-time demand. Box packaging is mainly for effective sterilization, suitable for situations where the frequency of use is not high, and the remaining tips inside are still pollution-free during the next use.

2. What style of suction head do I need?

Tips are available with or without filters, low retention, extended, and sterile.

3. How much capacity of the tip do I need?

According to different experimental procedures, the volume of the tips involved will be different. We provide 10UL~5000ul.

4. What type of pipette is it compatible with?

Our tips are universal pipette tips, which are basically compatible with all pipettes on the market, except for some special ones that must use the original pipette tips.

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