BDS300 Inverted Biological Microscope Built-in 0.65X C-mount Microscope Factory Supply

June 20, 2023

BDS300 Inverted Biological Microscope is a new microscope launched by our factory. 

Infinity optical system, 40X~400X magnification.

The head is butterfly head which can be rotated 260°. Light distribution is 80:20.

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BDS300 Inverted Biological Microscope

This is a modified design based on our existing BDS series microscopes. 

This one has a built-in 0.65X C-mount, combined with two kinds of objective lenses for observation. 

You can choose whether to match the holder or not to install the LCD tablet on the microscope.

Butterfly head

The eyepiece is WF10X/20mm.

Tube 360degree, inclined 45°. Interpupilary distance is 48-75mm.

This microscope is builte in 0.65X C-mount, the light distribution is 80:20.

Objectives contain LWD Plan obejctives and phase contrast objectives.

Mechanical Stage

The stage size of BDS300 microscope is 180*155mm.

Moving range is 75mm*40mm.

If you want to know more about our BDS300 Inverted Biological Microscope, please contact us!

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