The Packing of Microscopes

July 12, 2023
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Before the product is shipped, it generally needs to be carefully packaged to ensure that there is a good product when it is received. The following will explain our factory's preparations for microscope packaging.

1. Our microscope products are all in export cartons without any logo on the cartons. Cartons of various specifications are suitable for different products. Some products are packaged in two, and some are packaged in five. Please confirm the packaging requirements on the purchase side. The outside of the carton can be wrapped with a bandage.

2. In addition to the outer carton, there is a foam carton inside. The foam carton is to prevent the microscope from being damaged during transportation. The foam carton of a product is produced according to the specifications. If you need to purchase extra accessories, you need to carefully check the packaging size with our sales staff.

3. Then there are microscope products wrapped in transparent bags. Before the product is packed, we will take pictures to confirm the model of the microscope, the configured parts, and the style of the logo again. After the overall photo is taken, it is confirmed that the product is correct, and then the packing and transportation begin.

4. The entire packaging process is completed in the packaging workshop of our factory, and experienced packaging personnel package the products according to the order requirements.

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