CPR Manikin SC-J50 Trachea Intubation Training Medical Model

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SC-J50 Trachea Intubation Training Model


This classic endotracheal intubation training model sc-j50 is made of high-quality materials that can be pressed more than 100000 times outside the chest. The face and chest skin of the product are made of the same imported thermoplastic elastomer mixed rubber material, which is injected and pressed by stainless steel mold and injection molding machine at high temperature. It has the characteristics of accurate anatomical marks, durability and no deformation. It is a head model product specially designed for practicing endotracheal intubation, which can be pressed by cricoid cartilage, Change the position of the airway, close the esophagus, and practice the Sellick maneuver.


1. Anatomically accurate full sized mouth, tongue, airway, and esophagus. Perfect for placement of endotracheal tubes    

2. Respiratory sound auscultation    

3. Oral, nasal intubation    

4. Oral, nasal suction    

5. Soft neck with cricoid cartilage permits classic Sellick maneuver needed to provide a better view of the vocal cords    

This endotracheal tube training model is widely used in medical college students' teaching, hospital staff vocational training, etc. The whole product is durable and enjoys a one-year warranty period.

In addition to this intubation model, we have other types of medical simulators. Please keep an eye on our official website updates.

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