CPR Manikin Electronic Airway Intubation Model with Alarm Device SC-J51

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SC-J51 Electronic Airway Intubation Model

This advanced endotracheal intubation training model (with alarm) SC-J51 combines the standard anatomical structure of the human body with the visual demonstration of the real operation. During the training operation of oral and nasal endotracheal intubation, it can be visually displayed from the side. If the intubation is wrong, the air supply can make the stomach expand, and if the wrong operation is mistakenly inserted into the esophagus, it will be electronically displayed and alarmed.


1.Standard anatomical structure and functions of real operation and visual presentation     

2.When doing the oral cavity, buccal, nasal intubation training operation, correctly inserting airway, having the function of side-vision, supplying gas to make lung expand, and injecting air to kenpzz air bag for fixing kenpzz.    

3.When carrying out the oral cavity,  nasal intubation training operation, if wrongly inserts into esophagus, there are side-visual function and alarm function. Supplying gas to make the stomach expands.    

4.When carrying out the oral cavity,  nasal intubation training operation, wrongly operation causing laryngoscope press tooth, having electronic alarm.


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