Electronic Airway Intubation Medical Model with Teeth Compression Alarm Device SC-J5S

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SC-J5S Electronic Airway Intubation Medical Model


This electronic human endotracheal intubation training model sc-j5s will give an alarm if the teeth are pressed due to improper force during the endotracheal intubation training operation. It can also be used for the training operation and teaching of oral and nasal endotracheal intubation. During the training operation of oral and nasal endotracheal intubation, if the wrong operation is mistakenly inserted into the esophagus, it will be electronically displayed and alarmed.

Design for class training purposes 


1. Oral cavity and nasal cavity intubation skill training;    

2. Correct operation, electronic display and music prompting, two lungs inflation, tube fixing;    

3. Wrong operation, stomach inflation, or laryngoscope over presses teeth, electronic display and warning prompting;    

4. To observe and compare pupil size;    

5. To indicate cricothyroid membrane puncture position


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