Low Price Factory Sale SC-H70/3 Female Urethral Catheterization Simulator Manikin

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SC-H70/3 Female Urethral Catheterization Simulator Manikin

This advanced female catheterization model is designed with reference to the anatomical structure of the internal and external genitalia of adult women. It simulates the lower body of adult women, the standard catheterization posture, the supine legs flexion and abduction, and the female genitals are vivid and realistic. It can be used for catheterization teaching and training.


1. Supine body position, legs buckling, hip joint abduction, and accurate surface marks.    

2.Model consist of bladder, urethra, sphincter urethra and other anatomical structure    

3. Clitoris,meatus urinarius and Vaginal opening can be seen when separate the labia minora    

4. There is resistance when advance the catheter through urethral sphincter    

5.When the catheter into the bladder, artificial urine flows out from the conduit    

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