Urethral Catheterization and Enema SC-H1D Electronic Medical Model

This product is our nursing model, which can be used for male or female urethral catheterization and enema practice. The product is made of advanced PVC material, which is durable and not easy to be damaged.

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SC-H1D Electronic Urethral Catheterization and Enema Medical Model

This new electronic catheterization and enema teaching practice model is designed and manufactured based on the normal human anatomy from the outside to the parts, and with the technical requirements of lighting and liquid demonstration. It can be used for the physical operation of male or female catheterization and Enema with catheterization and enema instruments. It is characterized by realistic simulation, strong sense of presence, multiple uses, replaceable parts and convenient handling. It is an ideal practice teaching model for medical personnel.

Features :

1. Male urethral catheterization: Lift the penis, simulating extending the urethra bend (curvatura prepubica).   
   Gently introduce the catheter into the meatus and slowly advance it through the urethra (through  cavernous body of urethra, membranous urethra and prostatic urethra). If the operation is correct,  the green light will power on. Advance the catheter about 18-20cm and the red light will power on. The  return of urine into the collection tubing signifies that the catheter is in the proper position.    

2. Female urethral catheterization: Gently introduce the catheter into the meatus and slowly advance it  proximally 4cm through the urethra. The catheter will arrive at bladder and the red light will power on. The return of urine into the collection tubing signifies that the catheter is in the proper position.    

3. Enema: Introduce the catheter into the anus and advance it about 10cm through the anal canal.    

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