Microscope Accessories

As a professional manfacturer and supplier in the field of microscope, we supply many differernt ones including universal stand for stereo microscope, ring light for stereo microscope, coaxial coarse and fine focus stand for stereo microscope, halogen or LED fiber illuminator. 

ECMOS Digital Camera Installation on Biological Microscope
ECMOS digital camera adopt SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB2.0 is used as the data transfer interface.There are many type of digital cameras can be selected. Contact us for more detailed information.
LCD Touch Screen Digital Microscopy Android Camera Tablet 5MP Model 5699
LCD Touch Screen which is used in Microscope1. Complete Application Functions, Not Only Camera, Also Tablet PC!2. High Resolution Image Sensor, Good Color Rendition and Definition,1/2.5 " CMOS Sensor, 2592*19363. Captured Image Resolution is 4032*3024 (Max)4. 9.7inch 2048*1536 HD Color Retinal LCD, Can be Operated by USB Keyboard and Mouse5. Android 5.1Operating System6. RK3288 Quad Core 1.8Hz CPU7. External 32G C10 High-speed TF Memory Card8. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Ready9. Build-in Microscopy Software for Capture/Record Images and Measurement10. Standard C-mount Interface.
Attached Mechanical Stage Polarizing Microscope Accessories Chongqing Scope
Attached mechanical stage is polarizing microscope's optional accessories. It is sold by our company, Chongqing Scope.We are a specialized microscope company. In addition to the microscope itself, we can also provide other corresponding accessories.
How To Install Turrent Phase Contrast In BK Series Biological Microscope
The turrent phase contrast device is used in our infinity optical biological microscope. Our phase contrast device is often used when observing transparent microorganisms. This video shows the steps of installing a turntable phase contrast.
Polarizing Unit for Stereo Zoom Microscope Polarizer Analyzer
Polarzing unit contains Polarizer and Analyzer. This one is special used in stereo zoom microscope. This is a simple polarizing device. It is an optional part and can be used according to your own needs.
Dark Field Device for SZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscope
Dark field device is special for stereo microscope. Dark field device is optional accessories. It is easy to operate and can be directly placed on the base of the stereomicroscope. It can be used with our SZ series stereo microscope.
Professional Best Quality LPlan FL Objective of BDS400 Inverted Microscope manufacturers
Scope LPlan FL Objective of BDS400 Inverted Microscope manufacturers, All the inquires will replied within 24 hoursMicroscope accessory about objectives of inverted microscope. This is LWD Infinity Plan Objectives used in BDS400 inverted biological microscope.
X-Y Moving Mechanical Stage for Stereo Microscope
X-Y moving mechanical stage is used in stereo microscope. This is optional accessories. Place the specimen to be observed on the plane and adjust the knob. The mechanical stage has the advantages of simple operation and convenient movement.
ECOMS Digital Camera Microscope Camera USB2.0 High Resolution Ratio
ECOMS digital cameras adopt SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB2.0 is used as the data transfer interfaceThe ECMOS can be widely used in bright field light environment and microscope image capture and analysis with higher frame rate.This microscope digital head is a digital head that meets basic needs, and generally can provide products with a size of 1.2MP~8.3MP.
5MP Digital Camera for Trinocular Microscope Chongqing Scope China Manufacturer
5MP digital camera is used in trinocular microscope. Digital camera can convert the observation image to the computer and use it with our supporting software. 5MP digital camera can measure and study the observed images. It makes microscope observation more convenient.
Microscope 1080P High Definition I 1/2.8" Color CMOS 2MP Digital Camera for Sale
 1080P High Definition I 1/2.8" Color CMOS 2MP Digital Camera can be used with our TPHD1080 tablet.This is a 2MP size digital camera that can be connected to a computer for use. The measurement software configured by the system can be switched in multiple languages.
45MP CMOS Color USB3.0 High Speed Digital Camera for Kinds of Microscopes
45MP CMOS Color USB3.0 High Speed Digital Camera for MicroscopesThe 45MP digital camera is our largest size microscope digital camera. Using CMOS chip. This digital camera can be used in various microscopes and can be used by connecting to C-mount.

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