Inverted Microscope

Inverted microscope can be used for the observation of microorganisms, cells, bacteria, tissue culture, suspension, sediment, etc. in medical and health units, universities and research institutes. It can continuously observe the process of cell and bacteria reproduction and division in the culture medium, and can take pictures of any state in the process. It is widely used in cytology, parasitology, oncology, immunology, genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, botany and other fields.

Biological inverted microscope, metallographic inverted microscope, polarized inverted microscope, fluorescent inverted microscope, etc

Our company has BDS series, MDS series inverted microscopes and so on.

About Us MDS400 Metallurgical Microscope Chongqing Scope
Chongqing Scope Instrument Co.,Ltd. is professional microscope supplier in China. We specialize in producing all kinds of mid-range microscopes. MDS400 is the best metallographic microscope produced and sold by our company. Mds400 metallurgical microscope is a high-end microscope configured by our company.
Dark Field Metallurgical Microscope MDS400D Professional Metallographic Laboratory Instrument Chongqing Scope
MDS400D dark field metallurgical microscope is a professional laboratory instrument. The specially configured dark field objective can be used not only for dark field observation, but also for bright field observation.
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS400-FL with Mercury Lamp
BDS400-FL Fluorescence microscope is a professional fluorescence microscope.This fluorescence microscope can be used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells.
Metallurgical Microscope MDS400 Inverted  Microscope Chongqing Scope
MDS400 inverted microscope analyzes the relationship between steel structure and its chemical composition through the examination of microstructure and morphology; It can determine the microstructure of various steels after different processing and heat treatment; To judge the quality of steel.This is inverted metallurgical microscope from Chongqing Scope
Inverted Industrial Metrallurgical Trinocular Head Microscope Microscope MDS400
MDS400 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope● New research and new development● Combination with bight field, dark field, polarizing observation etc. Widely used in metal, mineral, electronic field● Oversized three-layer working stage, more choice for samplesInverted Metallurgical Microscope from Chongqing Scope
Scope - MDS400 Professional Laboratory Upright Inverted Metallurgical Microscope MDS400 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
MDS400 Professional Laboratory Upright Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Integrate advanced technology of the enterprise, excellent performance, and the sales volume has been high, helping the enterprise to become the industry leader.Moreover,to take care of different needs, product customization is provided.
Microscope Installation of Inverted Biological Microscope BDS400 Profession LAB instrument
The BDS400 inverted biological microscope is the most basic and most cost-effective inverted biological microscope produced by our factory. This microscope is a professional biological microscope. In addition to observing slices, it can also be used to observe cell culture. It is an important equipment in biological laboratory.
Inverted Biological Microscope BDS400  Trinocular Microscope Chongqing Scope
BDS400 Inverted Biological Microscope is used to observe biological sections, biological cells, bacteria, living tissue culture, fluid precipitation, etc.BDS400 is the best-selling model of our company. The whole model is beautiful and has good observation effect. It can be upgraded.
Installation of BDS500 Inverted Biological Microscope
The BDS500 is a research-grade inverted biological microscope. The products you get after purchasing from us are not complete machines. They are disassembled and packaged separately to prevent damage caused during transportation. Therefore, when you get the microscope, you need to assemble it yourselves. This video explains the main assembly steps of the BDS500 microscope.
Inverted Biological Microscope BDS500 with Digital Camera Laboratory Instrument
BDS500 inverted biological microscope is laboratory level instrument.This microscope is equipped with digital camera. The digital cameras are available in a variety of specifications.The inverted microscope is widely used in hospital, laboratory, and universities.
Inverted Biological Microscope How To Observe BDS400 Chongqing Scope
BDS400 inverted biological microscope is used for observation and culture of cells and tissues. The inverted microscope is a three eyepiece group with two shifts: 100% observation; 20% observation and 80% photography.This is the best laboratory instrument to use. BDS400 biological microscope is used to observe biological sections, biological cells and bacteria.
Inverted Microscope BSD500 Professional Laboratory for University
BDS500 inverted microscope is laboratory level biological microscope.The magnification of this microscope is 40X~400X. Unique and smooth body design, infinite optical design of inverted biological microscope, can be upgraded to add phase contrast or fluorescence.

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