Fluorescence Microscope

Fluorescence microscope uses ultraviolet light as the light source to irradiate the object to be examined and make it emit fluorescence, and then observe the shape and location of the object under the microscope.

Fluorescence microscope is used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells. Some substances in cells, such as chlorophyll, can emit fluorescence after ultraviolet irradiation; some substances can not emit fluorescence themselves, but they can also emit fluorescence after ultraviolet irradiation if they are stained with fluorescent dyes or fluorescent antibodies. Fluorescence microscope is one of the tools for qualitative and quantitative research of these substances.

Our company has Smart-3/Smart-4 series, BK series, BDS series fluorescence microscope.

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS400-FL with Mercury Lamp
BDS400-FL Fluorescence microscope is a professional fluorescence microscope.This fluorescence microscope can be used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells.
Trinoculr Fluorescence Microscope Professionl Fluorescence Microscope BK5000
BK5000-FL Fluorescence Microscope is professional laboratory microscope,  which is widely used in biological laboratories, medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, etc. This model is trinoculr fluorescence microscope. It can be linked with Cold CCD. Chongqing Scope is professional microscope supplier, BK5000-FL fluorescence miccroscope is a microscope with good cost performance in our company.
SMART-FL4 Fluorescence Microscope with LED Illumination B G Uv V Fluorescent Filters
SMART-FL4 LED fluorescence microscope is equipped with 4-groups fluorescence filters.This microscope uses LED light source, and each light source requires different color filters.Fluorescence microscopes are mainly used to observe organisms with fluorescent properties. In addition to the standard four fluorescent color filters of B/G/Uv/V, we can also provide a variety of other color filters.
Fluorescence Microscope 2-Groups Filter SMART-FL2 LED Illumination Lab Instrument
SMART-FL2 fluorescence microscope adopts 2-groups filters. This model uses LED illumination.When operation, please note that the lights correspond to the color filters.In addition to B/G/Uv/V, other color filters can be provided. You only need to send us the spectrum for verification.
Fluorescence Microscope Installation BDS400-FL LED Illumination Microscopy Factory Supply
This video shows how to install the DS400-FL fluorescence microscope.Inverted fluorescence microscope has a wider observation range, which can not only study some sections but also observe some living cells.It is an important product in the laboratory.
Installation of SMART-FL Fluorescence Microscope LED Illumination
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope can be used with LED fluorescence device, and up to 5 sets of fluorescence filters can be added. Fluorescence microscopes are mainly used to observe some organisms with fluorescent properties. Widely used in biological laboratories, hospitals and colleges and universities.
Best Quality Fluorescence Microscope Binocular Trinocular SMART-FL Mercury Lamp Laboratory Instrument Factory
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope with mercuy lampAn upright biological microscope using a mercury lamp fluorescence device can be equipped with 1 to 4 sets of fluorescence filters.Fluorescence microscopy is mainly used to observe and study the absorption and transportation of intracellular substances, the distribution and positioning of chemical substances, etc.This SMART-FL uses an infinity optical system and a Plan lens. In order to obtain better observation results, you can use professional fluorescence objectives.
Installation Fluorescence Microscope SMART-FL Upright Mercury Lamp Illumination
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope is an upright microscope mainly used for observation and research of microorganisms with fluorescent properties. The microscope can be equipped with 1 to 4 sets of fluorescence filters, which can be selected according to your own needs.
Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL LED Model Chongqing Scope Supply
BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope is equipped with integrated LED fluorescence device.This is a new type of fluorescence device, the light source and fluorescence filter together, easy to install and replace, more convenient to use.Inverted observation method, two light distribution can be chosen.
Installation of Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL Mercury Light
If the BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope uses mercury light source, the previous device should still be used. This light source can be installed with up to four sets of fluorescent devices, and the British crown color filters can be selected and matched at will. It is a fluorescence microscope upgraded from our BDS500 model.
Fluorescence Microscope BK6000-FL Trinocular Laboratory Microscope Chongqing Scope
BK6000-FL trinocular fluorescence microscope is widely used in cell biology, neurobiology, botany, microbiology, pathology, genetics and other fields. BK6000-FL fluorescence microscope upgrades the objectives to semi apochromatic objectives, which has better observation effect.Fluorescence microscope is produced by our Chongqing Scope. This mdoel uses 10X/22mm eyepiece.
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL LED Fluorescent Device
BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope is an upgrade based on the BDS500 inverted biological microscope. The microscope uses an LED fluorescence device. Currently, the fluorescence devices within one-three groups are replaced by newly upgraded equipment. For groups four, the previous devices are still used.Please see the video and parameter configuration for more details.

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