These are microscopes' accessories. It contains eyepiece, objective, arm stand, polarizing unit, dark field device, mechanical stage, and so on.

As long as some accessories of our microscope are included, if some accessories are not updated, please consult our sales staff for details.

Attached Mechanical Stage Polarizing Microscope Accessories Chongqing Scope
Attached mechanical stage is polarizing microscope's optional accessories. It is sold by our company, Chongqing Scope.We are a specialized microscope company. In addition to the microscope itself, we can also provide other corresponding accessories.
How To Install Turrent Phase Contrast In BK Series Biological Microscope
The turrent phase contrast device is used in our infinity optical biological microscope. Our phase contrast device is often used when observing transparent microorganisms. This video shows the steps of installing a turntable phase contrast.
Polarizing Unit for Stereo Zoom Microscope Polarizer Analyzer
Polarzing unit contains Polarizer and Analyzer. This one is special used in stereo zoom microscope. This is a simple polarizing device. It is an optional part and can be used according to your own needs.
Dark Field Device for SZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscope
Dark field device is special for stereo microscope. Dark field device is optional accessories. It is easy to operate and can be directly placed on the base of the stereomicroscope. It can be used with our SZ series stereo microscope.
Professional Best Quality LPlan FL Objective of BDS400 Inverted Microscope manufacturers
Scope LPlan FL Objective of BDS400 Inverted Microscope manufacturers, All the inquires will replied within 24 hoursMicroscope accessory about objectives of inverted microscope. This is LWD Infinity Plan Objectives used in BDS400 inverted biological microscope.
X-Y Moving Mechanical Stage for Stereo Microscope
X-Y moving mechanical stage is used in stereo microscope. This is optional accessories. Place the specimen to be observed on the plane and adjust the knob. The mechanical stage has the advantages of simple operation and convenient movement.
LED Ring Light for Stereo Microscope LED Illumination HS-72 Model
LED ring light is used in SZ series stereo zoom microscope. The LED ring light is intensity adjustment, good variable control permit gradual increase in brightness with four-zone lighting control separately. 
Scope - Stereo Microscope Double Arm Universal Stand for Supporting Microscope Head Universal boom stand for microscope
we have successfully developed one of the most outstanding products-Stereo Microscope Double Arm Universal Stand for Supporting Microscope Head.We have conducted many practical experiments which prove that the product can function its greatest effect in the field(s) of Microscopes.  
Scope - China Single Double Arm Microscope Universal Stand for Stereo Microscope Universal boom stand for microscope
China Single Double Arm Microscope Universal Stand for Stereo Microscope has accumulated a lot of praise from customers, received good feedback from the market, and solved customer pain points.
LED Light for Stereo Microscope Chongqing Scope Supply
Stereo microscope light contains LED ring light, gooseneck illuminator and so on.These accessories are widely used in stereo microscopes for illumination during observation.
15W LED Cold Light Source Microscope Accessory for Stereo Microscope Illumination for microscope
15W LED cold light source is widely used in stereo microscopes.The LED light source has a longer lifespan, and the lighting is white, making the sample more clearly visible under the illumination of this lightbox. It greatly facilitates the illumination and observation of body microscopes.
LED Ring Light Source for Stereo Microscope Illumination Microscope Accessory
LED ring Light is special for our stereo microscope.This LED model can be zoned for dimming and brightness adjustment.This light source is a product with relatively stable performance and powerful functions, and is a preferred circular light by customers.If needed, please contact us.

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