Metallographic Sampling Equipment

Metallographic sample preparation equipment includes metallographic sample grinding and polishing machine, Metallographic inlay machine

, metallographic sample cutting machine, hardness tester and other equipment.

The equipment is reliable in quality and safe in operation, which can improve the efficiency and quality of sample preparation, reduce the waste rate of sample, reduce the cost, improve the economic benefit, and obtain the high consistency of sample quality.

Mounting Press of Metallographic Sample XQ-1 Precise Inlay Machine
XQ-1 metallographic sample mounting press adopts manual mechanical pressure, and heating temperature is controlled by the digital temperature controller. It has stable and reliable performance and easy operation, which is the economic choice for sample mounting. (Only for thermosetting materials, such as Bakelite powder, Urea formaldehyde molding powder etc.)
Metallographic Grind and Polish Equipment Machine Manual Model YMP-2
YMP-2 manual metallographic grinding and polishing machine is made of ABS material. There are two operating panels for stepless speed regulation or four speed regulation. The operation is simple and convenient. Equipped with water pipe for flushing and cleaning. Suitable for laboratory use.
Metallographic Sample Mounting Press Manul and Automatic Model China Supply
Metallographic Sample Mounting Press MachineThere are three models of this series metallographic equipment.The inlay machine have manual model and automatic model.If you need this machine, please consult us.
Grinding and Polishing Machine of Metallographic Sample YMP-1 Manual Model
YMP-1 manual metallographic grinding and polishing machine. The machine body is made of ABS material, with novel and beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion and durable. There is only one operation panel, with stepless speed or four speed control and can change the rotational direction.
Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine QG-3 Metallurgical  Equipment
QG-3 metallographic sample cutting machine is a desktop metallographic cutting equipment. The whole machine is welded with steel plate and has good rigidity. It is operated manually by gravity and equipped with circulating cooling system. After cutting, the surface of the sample is bright and smooth without burn. It is an ideal equipment for cutting samples.
Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine QG Series Metallurgical Equipment Chongqing Scope Supply
QG series metallographic cutting machines are manual models.JMQ-60Z machine is automatic metallurgical cutting machine.Different cutting equipment is suitable for different cutting materials. Please select according to your own needs.
Metallographic Equipment Grinding and Polishing Machine Manual Automatic Model
Metallographic Grinding and Polishing MachineThere are manual and automatic model of metallographic machine.We currently provide four basic grinding and polishing machines. If you have other requirements, please contact us.
Fine Grinding in Metallography YMPZ-1 Automatic Polishing ang Grinding Machine Supplier
YMPZ-1 metallographic sample  grinding and polishing machine can effectively replace the manual grinding and polishing processes, which greatly saves labor and improves the quality of grinding and polishing and the efficiency of sample preparation. Therefore,it is the ideal equipment for the metallographic sample preparation.
Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine YMPZ-2 in Metallography Automatic Model Manufacturer
YMPZ-2 automatic metallographic sample grinding and polishing machine has two operating platform. The equipment adopts automatic design, with grinding head, self grinding and button operation. This machine can effectively replace the manual grinding and polishing processes, which greatly saves labor and improves the quality of grinding and polishing and the efficiency of sample preparation. 
Lithofacies Sample Cutting Machine QG-2 Metallographic Equipment for Laboratory
QG-2 meatllographic equipment is lithofacies sample cutting machine. It is usully used in laboratory. This machine is equipped with one blade, and need to opearte by yourselves.The microscope is widely used  in metallographic laboratory.We have more metallurgical machine, you can contact us for more machines.
Metallographic Sample Mounting Press XQ-2 Metallographic Equipment
XQ-2 metallorgraphic equipment is metallorgraphic sample mounting press. It very important process of metallographic sample preparation.This inlaid machine is an upgraded version of XQ-1 with water cooling device.
Metallographic Specimen Mounting Press Machine Automatic Inlay Equipment  ZXQ-1
ZXQ-1 automatic metallographic sample mounting press adopts automatic mechanical pressure. The mounting process is controlled by the program, which realizes the one-key operation of heating, loading, holding, cooling and unloading process.

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