The B series microscope is a student-level biological microscope. It can be used to observe biological sections, bacteria, etc. Contains the basic requirements of our brightfield microscope, and can be configured with simple polarized or darkfield rings according to requirements. The overall shape of this series of microscopes is arc-shaped, with smooth lines, easy to carry, simple to use, and convenient to operate.

Trinocular Biological MicroscopeB204TR Finite Optical System Student 1000X Magnification
B204TR biological microscope is trinocular model.It adopts finite optical sysytem, the magnificaiton is 40X~1000x.The B204 uses the Plan objective lens, and the observation effect is much better than that of the achromatic objective lens. Microscopes are used in school teaching, laboratory research, etc.
China Biological Microscope Manufacturer Supply B204TR Trinocular Model for Laboratory
B204TR biological microscope is trinocular model. This microscope is student level biological microscope.We are Chineses microscope manufacturer, so that we can supply many kinds of lab microscopes.B204TR adopts finite PLAN optical system, so the observe effection is better than B203 series microscope.
Hot Sale B204TR Student Level Biological Microscope with Digital Camera
B204TR trinocular biological microscope adopts finite optical system.The microscope is widely used in school, universite, laboratory and so on.The objectives of this microscope are Plan objectives, which has better observation effect.
LED Biological Microscope B203 Student Level 1000X Magnification Microscope
B203 biological microscope is student level binocular microscope.The magnification of this microscope is 40X~1000X.Assembled in a dust-free workshop, the anti-mold and anti-fog treated lenses have higher precision and longer service life.
Biological Microscope B203TR 40X-1000X DC Input LED Light Microscope for Teaching
B203 biological microscope is finite student level microscope.It is trinocular model, and magnification is 40X~1000X.This is the most basic product among the microscopes produced by our factory. After the update, it uses LED DC input mode.
B203LED Butterfly Head Binocular Compound Biological Microscope 40X-1000X for Students
B203 biological microscope only has LED illumination light.This binocular microscope has a sleek shape and curved arms for easy handling. The magnification of the microscope is 40X~1000X. The LED light source has a longer service life.
China Supplier B204TR Trinocular Biological Microscope with Digital Camera
B204TR biological microscope is trinocular model. It is used with digital camera.We currently provide microscope digital heads with various specifications, and you can choose to use them with our microscopes arbitrarily.The B204 uses the Plan objective lens, and the observation effect is much better than that of the achromatic objective lens.
B203TR LCD Tablet Trinocular Biological Microscope for School Chongqing Scope
B203TR biological microscope can be used with LCD tablet. This microscope is our basic model about biological microscope.It is finite optical sysytem, adopting a production process of anti mold and anti fog, it has a long service life.
Finite Digital Camera Trinocular Student Level Biological Microscope
B203 biological biological microscope is finite optical. The microscope is widely used in university, school, hospital, clinical and so on.It is used with digital camera. Digital cameras are equipped with software measurement systems that can measure and observe image size, capture images and videos.
Monocular Biological Microscope Chongqing Scope Microscope Manufacturers from China B104
B104 monocular biomicroscope is the simplest biological microscope, just have one eyepiece, and easy to operate. This is a traditional classic model, durable, widely used in primary and secondary school teaching, clinical laboratory, etc.This biological microscope is monocular microscope, this one can observe some biological section, bacteria and so on.
B104 Monocular Student Level Biological Microscope Chongqing Scope Manufacturer
B104 monocular biological microscopoe adopts finite optical sysytem. This microscope is monocular head with 10X/18mm eyepiece.It is a product in our B-series microscope, with a magnification of 40X~1000X.
B Series Biological Microscope for School Laboratory Microscopes Factory
B series biological microscopes are basic biological microscopes produced by our factory. There are monocular, binocular and trinocular models. This product uses an infinity optical system with a magnification of 40X~1000X.

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