The B302 series is still our student-level biological microscope, but this microscope uses an infinity optical system. The appearance of the entire model was upgraded, and the model won the Red Star Award. Adopting the design concept of dolphins crossing the sea surface, the appearance is more beautiful. There is a handle on the back for easy transportation. This model is widely loved by customers.

Binocular Biological Microscope B301 Butterfly Head Type
B301 binocular biollogical microscope is bright finity optical microscope. This biological microscope is built-in low voltage LED illumination system which can be powered with power bank, laptop and vehicle power supply ensures being used anywhere and any condition.Biomicroscope is small and portable, and the observation effect is good. This model uses finity optical system. It's ideal among our Lab equipment.B301 microscope is widely used in medical testing, laboratory research, university teaching, etc.
Digital Biological Microscope B302TR-2 Model with Digital Camera Supplier & manufacturers | Scope
B302TR-2 biological microscope is trinocular model. This model can be used with digital camera to deal the observing images.The microscope is widely used in University biological laboratory, hospital research room.
Biology Microscope B301TR Trinocular Microscope for Teaching Chongqing Scope Supply
B301TR trinocular biological microscopeis the best instrument used in laboratory or school teaching.B301 is our student level biological microscope. This model is equipped with finity optical system. And the head is seidentopf butterfly head which can rotate 360°.The input power of biollogical microscope has been upgrated, it uses DC power that is safer than AC. This is trinocular head which can be used with digital camera or tablet. It uses Kohler illumination and Abbe condenser.  
Infinity Biological Microscope B302-1 Binocular Model for Colleague Teaching & Lab Research
B302-1 binocular biological microscope has excellent anti mildew and anti fogging optical system, original low power reducing objective lens, which can be used without adjusting brightness when switching from high power to low power.The unique design of B302 biological microscope won our Red Star Award. The microscope uses an infinity optical system, you can choose achromatic objective or plan achromatic objective according to your needs.
Biological Microscope B302TR-1 Trinocular Model Lab Instrument Products | Scope
B302TR-1 biological microscope is infinity optical microscope. This microscope is widely used in biology laboratory and colleges or universities.The design of B302 microscope has win award in China. This microscope is produced by our factory. So the quality and aftersale is guaranteed.
Trinocular Biological Microscope Infinity Optical New Design B302 Model
B302TR-2 trinocular biological microscope adopts infinity optical system. The microscope is widely used in biological laboratory.The magnification of microscope is 40X~1000X. The shape of this microscope has won the Red Star Design Award. It adopts the design concept of "Dolphin Crossing the Sea" and the ergonomic design of the microscope itself.
Digital Biological Microscope B302-1TR Trinocular Model with Digital Camera
B302-1TR biological microscope adopts infinity optical system. This microscope is widely used in laboratory, high school, university and so on.The magnification of B302-1TR microscope is 40X~1000X. This model i equipped with our new digital camera.
B302-2 Biological Microscope Infinity Optical Lab Instrument
B302-2 biological microscope adopts infinity optical system. It is instrument widely used in laboratory, hospital, clinical and so on.The magnification of this microscope is 40X~1000X. This microscope is our classic biological microscope with unique shape and stable performance.
B302TR-1 Trinocular Biological Microscope Laboratory Instrument Chongqing Scope Supplier
B302TR-1 tinocular microscope is widely used in biological laboratory. This microscope adopts infininty optical system, and the magnification is 40X~1000X.The B302TR-1 microscope can be used with digital camera and LCD tablet.
Best LCD Screen Biological Microscope B302TR-2 Microscope Chinese Factory Supplier
B302TR-2 trinocular biological microscope can be used in laboratory, hospital, university, clinical and so on.This microscope is unique in shape and has a sense of design. With the infinity optical system, various microscope accessories can be added.If necessary, please contact us to purchase.
Trinocular Biological Microscope Infinity Optical Microscopy B302TR Chongqing Scope
B302TR biological microscope is ideal instrument which is used to school teaching, laboratory research and so on. B302TR trinocular microscope is a high-tech product which perfectly combines the cutting-edge optical microscope technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology and computer image processing technology. It is more convenient to observe biological images on tablet or computer.This biological microscope uses infinity optical system. The standard objectives are infinity achromatic objectives, and we also have infinity PLAN objectives options.
B302-1 Biological Microscope Binocular Model Infinity Optical System
B302-1 binocular biological microscope adopts infinity optical system.We are professional microscope supplier, many kinds of microscopes can be supplied.This microscope is widely used in laboratory, university and hospitals.

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