The SMART series is our teaching grade microscope. The novel integrated frame, the mirror wall is hollowed out for easy carrying. This series of microscopes uses the OTICS infinity chromatic aberration optical system, and the developed magnification is 40X~1600X. Widely used in school teaching, biological research, etc.

Plan Objective Biological Microscope SMART-4 Binocular Microscope Instrument by Chongqing Scope
SMART-4 Biological Microscope is the best configuration in our SMART series microscope. This is binocular model that just can  be observed by eyes.It adopts infinity optical system, so the objective is infinity PLAN objectives.SMART-4 binocular biological microscope is widely used in university, hospital, institute of biology, clinical, school and so on.
LCD Biological Microscope SMART-4TR Teaching Tool with 9.7inch LCD Tablet
SMART-4TR Biological Microscope is teaching level microscope. It can be used in colleague teaching, laboratory, biological Research Institution  and so on. The unique and novel shape, coupled with our microscope LCD tablet, makes teaching and discussion more intuitive and convenient. SMART-4 microscope is really ideal laboratory instrument.
Trinocular Biological Microscope SMART-3TR With LCD Tablet Manufacturer
SMART-3TR Biological Microscope can be used with tablet. This is trinocular microscope, the light distribution is 20:80.Also SMART-3TR microscope adopts bright field observation and infinite optical system. It is widely used in school teaching, biological research and so on. The observation effect is remarkable, and a variety of optional devices can be added for upgrading.
Trinocular Biological Microscope with Digital Camera SMART-3TR Infinite Optical Microscopy
SMART-3TR biological microscope is trinocular model. This one is equipped wiht digital camera.This product is used for observing biological slices. The appearance of the digital camera has been updated. Please consult in detail for specific parameters and shapes. The magnification of a biological microscope is between 40X and 1000X, and it is used in medical assays, laboratories, universities, and vocational colleges for teaching.
Biological Microscope High Performance Trinocular Model 20:80 Light Distribution Microscopy
SMART-4TR Biological Microscope is professional lboratory instrument. This is trinocular microscope that can used with digital camera ir tablet.Chongqing Scope is specialized in microscope producting and saling.The microscope is a high-end configuration in our smart biological microscope. The eyepiece is high eye point and wide field of view. The objective adopts infinite Plan achromatic objective. The observation effect is clearer, and the coarse micro motion coaxial design realizes accurate operation in focusing.
Digital Trinocular Biological Microscope with Digital Camera SMART-4TR Lab Instrument Factory Supply
SMART-4TR Trinocular Biological Microscope can be linked with digital camera. The video shows the 3MP digital camera. Also there are other type digital cameras. SMART series microscopes are upright bright field microscopes, and it is equipepd with 3W LED iillumintion. Biomicroscopy is widely used in biological research institutes, school teaching and clinic diagnosis. It is ideal instrument in laboratory, school teaching ect.
Biology Microscopes SMART-1TR Trinocular Model with 9.7inch LCD Tablet
SMART-1 biology microscops are teaching level instruments. The microscope is widely used in school laboratory, clinical and so on.This model uses with 9.7inch LCD tablet. It can process the observing images on the touch screen tablet.
SMART-1 Binocular Biological Microscope Finite Optical Microscope for School
SMART-1 biological microscope is binocular model, it adopts finite optical system. The models of SMART series microscopes are of square design, and a carrying device is set at the back for convenient handling. SMAR-1 is the basic model of the whole series.This teaching level microscope is widely used in school.
SMART-1TR Trinocular Biological Microscope Teaching Level Instrument
SMART-1TR trinocular biological microscope is widely used in biology laboratory, hospital, clinical and so on.This microscope is teaching level instrument. It adopts finity optical system. And the magnification of microscope is 40X~1000X.This model can be used with digital camera or LCD tablet.
SMART-1TR Trinocular Biological Microscope for University Laboratory Finite Optical Instrument Supplier
SMART-1TR microscope is trinocular biological microscope. It adopst finite optical system.This trinocular model can be used with digital camera or LCD tablet to process images.It is finite optical biological microscope, and the magnification of this microscope is 40X~1000X.
SMART-3TR Biomicroscope with LCD Tablet Teaching Level Microscope
SMART-3TR microscope adopts infinity optical system. The eyepiece is wide field 10X/20mm.There are equipped with 4X/10X/40X/100X infinity achromatic objectives.This microscope is teaching level microscope, widely used in school and colleague research, biological research, etc.The trinocular microscope can add LCD tablet. It is equipped with softwre that can deal the observe images.
Biological Microscope SMART-2TR Trinocular Microscope with Tablet Manufactuer
SMART-2 trinocular biological microscope is not only can link with digital camera, but also can used with tablet.The head is butterfly trinocular head, can rotate 360°. SMART-2 biological microscope is equipped with finite Plan Objectives.The light distribution is 20:80.

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