MIT200 is our upright metallurgical microscope. The microscope has undergone a transformation and upgrade this year, using low-voltage DC power supply, and the safety of use has been effectively improved.

New designed and humanized butterfly binocular Head-Tubes which can be 360° rotated.

Upright Educational & Industrial Metrallurgical Binocular Head Microscope MIT200
MIT 200 Metallurgical MicrosacopeWidely used in industrial and mining enterprise, teaching, research metallorgraphic analysis, semiconductor silicon chip testing and other fields.Adopt long working distance infinity plan objective.
Metallurgical Microscope MIT200 Binocular Model 50X~500X Magnification Metllographic Equipment
MIT200 binocular metallurgical microscope can be used in metallographic laboratory.It is upright optical system, this is an upright open field microscope that can be used for qualitative analysis of metallographic products.
MIT200TR Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope Professional Lab Instrument Chongqing Scope Supplier
MIT200TR microscope is trinocular metallurgical microscope.Used in metallographic laboratory or some biology lab.50X~1000X magnification can clearly observed the structure of metals or minerals.Contact us to purchase this metallurgical microscope!
Metallurgical Microscope CMOS Digital Camera Trinocular Microscopy for Metallographic Laboratory
MIT200TR metallurgical microscope with digital cameraThis model can be used with computer through the digital camera.Metallographic microscope is suitable for metallographic laboratories, detecting metal substances, and conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis of materials.
MIT200TR Metallurgical Microscope with LCD Tablet Metallographic Laboratory Instrument Chongqing Scope Supplier
MIT200TR trinocular metallurgical microscope can be used with our 5699 LCD tablet.Metallographic microscope is a laboratory instrument used for analyzing and studying the microstructure, macrostructure, and fracture structure of materials.Our model uses a microscope that reflects light, if you need this microscope, plese contact us.

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