MIT300/500 series microscopes are our upright metallurgical microscopes, which can choose bright field or dark field objectives. MIT300 uses a reflective light source, and MIT500 uses a transmissive light source.

Installation of Reflecting Metallurgical Microscope MIT300 Trinocular Model
MIT300 metallurgical microsocpes uses reflecting illumination. Reflected illumination is commonly used in metallographic microscopes. Suitable for observing opaque metal substances.The MIT300 microscope is specially configured with Semi Apochromatic Objective. The observation effect is better, and the maximum magnification can be up to 1000X.
Dark Field Metallurgical Microscope MIT300D Positive Image Observation
MIT300D metallurgical microscope is upright microscope, which uses dark field objectives.This microscope is for upright observation, and the resulting image is not flipped. The other accessories are the same as our MIT300D, but the shape of the head is different.
Upright Industrial Metallurgical Trinocular Head Microscope MIT300/500
MIT300/500 Metallurgical Microscope● Dark field objective,Make observation in dark & bright field.● Oversize view field eyepiece, view field up to 22mm for comfortable● Trinocular head with dual transform.● Light distribution (both): 100: 0(100% for eyepiece)80:20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)
Dark Field Metallurgical Microscope MIT300D 50X~500X Magnification Metallographic Microscopes
MIT300D metallurgical microscope is used in observing metals.This microscope uses professional dark filed objectives, which can be observed both bright field and bright field.The dark field metallographic microscope can not only observe in dark field, but also in bright field. The magnification range is 50X~500X, which can meet most research requirements on the market.
Metallurgical Microscope Upright MIT300D Dark Field Installation
MIT300D metallurgical microscope can meet both dark field and bright field observation.This video shows how to install the microscope. When we pick up the goods, we need to install it by ourselves.If you want to know more specfication of this microscope, please see another video link.
Metallurgical Microscope MIT300 Installation Operation Factory Supply
The steps to install the MIT300 metallographic microscope are simple.This product uses a reflective light source. When packaging, this product is packaged separately and needs to be installed by yourself.Please refer to the product manual for more installation and usage steps.
MIT300 Metallurgical Microscope Professional Laboratory Instrument Upright Microscopy
MIT300 microscope is professional metallurgical microscope. It adopts uptical infinity optical system.The MIT300 upright metallographic microscope uses a reflected light source, and can choose between LED light source and halogen light source.Our microscopes are customizable.
Lab Metallurgical Microscope MIT300 Infinity Optical System 50X-500X Magnification Factory Supply
MIT300 metallurgical microscope adopts infinity optical system. It uses 5W LED reflecting illumination.The mechanical stage is a large stage with no transmitted light source. Mainly used to detect some metal substances.
Factory Laboratory Upright Transmitting and Reflection MIT500 Metallographic Microscope
MIT500 metallurgical microscope is professional laboratory instrument.This microscope adopts reflecting and transmitting light. The magnification of this microscope is 50X~500X.This microscope is used to observe metal materials for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
MIT300 Upright Metallurgical Microscope Bright Field 50X~500X Magnification Metallographic Instrument
MIT300 metallurgical microscope is widely used in metallographic laboratory.The magnificaiton of this microscope is 50X~500X.This microscope is made of Aluminum alloy and glass lenses.
MIT500 Metallurgical Microscope with Illumination System
MIT500 metallurgical microscope is mainly analyzes the relationship between the microstructure of steel and its chemical composition. This microscope uses metallurgical LWD infinity Plan objective (Semi Apochromatic Objective). And there are illumination system for observing.

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