B-POL is monocular polarizing microscope. The overall shape is the same as our B-series microscopes. Use non-stress achromatic objective with WF 10X / 18mm eyepiece. This is our simple polarizing microscope, which does not have high requirements for polarizing observation, or this polarizing microscope can be considered for primary teaching.

Monocular Polarizing Microscope B-POL Professional Monocular Finite Lab Instrument
B-POL model is monocular polarizing microscope. This microscope is widely used in metal anlyzing.This is a professional polarizing microscope that uses a transmission light source for illumination, and uses professional polarizing and polarizing devices.
Polarizing Microscope B-POL Monocular Model from Chinese Microscope Factory
B-POL monocular polarizing microscopeProfessional laboratory instrument40X~600X magnificationA microscope used to study so-called transparent and opaque anisotropic materials, which has important applications in geology and other science and engineering majors

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