SMART-POL is a medium configuration of our polarizing microscopes. The microscope adopts butterfly-type rotating binoculars, which is more convenient to use. After improvement, this polarizing microscope can use low-voltage input mode, which makes it safer to use electricity.
Polarizing Microscope SMART-POL Trinocular 1000X Microscope Chongqing Scope
SMART-POL  polarizing microscope is widely used in mineral, chemical, medical and other fields, as well as in biology and botany and so on.This trinocular polarizing microscope can use with digital camera by C-mount. The eyepiece has upgraded which uses WF10X/20mm.
Binocular Geological Exploration Microscope Polarizing Microscope for Teaching
SMART-POL polarizing microscope is professional laboratory instrument.The magnificaiton is 40X~1000X, and there are many kinds of objetives to be chosen.The square design is relatively retro, and the microscope has undergone anti mold and anti fog treatment, resulting in better usability and longer lifespan.
Polarizing Microscope SMART-POL Trinocular Model with Digital Camera
SMART-POL polarizing microscope is teaching level instrument. This microscope is designed for reflective lighting and uses a non-stress Plan objective.This reflective light source polarizing microscope can be used for research and teaching, and is an important tool in laboratories and schools, as well as some industries.
The Installation of SMART-POL Polarizing Microscope
SMART-POL polarizing microscope is our professional teaching-grade microscope, which can be used for biological experiments, section observation, etc. This video explains how to install our polarizing microscope. There are many people who don’t know how to install it after getting it, so please refer to this video or consult us for details.
Polarizing Microscope SMART-POL Binocular Model Chongqing Scope Supply
SMART-POL polarizing microscope is professional laboratory instrument.The magnificaiton of it can up to 1000X. This microscope uses professional polarizing components and can observe some anisotropic substances well. This polarizing microscope is a binocular mode, which can only be used for observation and cannot transmit pictures, etc.
SMART-POL Microscope Supply Lab Research Trinocular Polarizing Microscope for Geology
SMART-POL polarizing microscope has binocular model and trinocular model.It adopts infinity optical system, and the magnifcation of this microscope is 40X~1000X.Professional porizing microscope is widely used in laboratory, industry, and some institution.
Polarizing Microscope Professional Laboratory Instrument SMART-POL China Factory
SMART-POL polarizing microscope is professional Lab instrument supplied by Chongqing ScopeThis polarizing microscope is used to inspect materials with polarized anisotropy. The magnification is 40X~1000X

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