BK-POL is our company's best-selling laboratory polarizing microscope. The objective lens has two options of transmission and reflection. This microscope uses a 5W LED light source configuration with adjustable brightness. Widely used in minerals, chemistry and other fields
BK-POLR Polarizing Microscope Trinocular Transmitting and Reflecting Model with LED Light
BK-POLR polarizing microscope is transmitting and polarizing model.This is trinocular model, the light diistriibution is 100:0 and 80:20.BK-POLR polarizing microscope is widely used  in geology, mineral, chemical industry, medical, drug, criminal investigation fields etc.
Polarizing Microscope Reflecting light Professional Polarize Instrument BK-POLF Microscopy
BK-POLF polarizing microscope is a kind of microscope used to study so-called transparent and opaque anisotropic materials. It has important applications in geology and other science and engineering majors. This model only has reflecting light for illumination.If you are interetsed in this polarizing microscope, please contact us!
BK-POLF Polarizing Microscope Reflecting Illumination with LCD tablet Infinity Optical System Microscopy
BK-POLF polarizing microscope is widely used in biology laboratory, mineral and others.This model adopts reflecting light, suitable for opaque substance.The magnification of this microscope is 50X~500X, if you need large mgnificaiton, Optional 100X objective lens.If you are interested in our microscope, please contact to order!
Digital Camera Polarizing Microscope BK-POLF Reflecting Microscope for Laboratory Factory Supply
BK-POLF polarizing microscope adopts reflecting light.This model can be lined with digital camera. Our digital camera can only use simple metallographic images to measure size and take photos and videos.This polarizing microscope is ideal tool to inspection the anisotropic or opaque substances.
Trinocular Polarizing Microscope BK-POLF Trinocular Model Reflecting Illumination Lab Instrument Factory Supply
This microscope is trinocualr polarizing microscope. The light distribution has both 100:0 and 80:20.The trinocular microscope can be used wiht fdigitalc ameras to process the images.BK-POLF microscope uses reflecting light to observe.If you need this microscope, please message us!
BK-POLF Reflecting Polarizing Microscope for Laboratory Studying
BK-POLF polarizing microscope adopts reflecting illumination.This microscope is widely used in biology, metallurgical, geology and so on.The magnificaiton of this microscope is 50X~500X. If you need this porlaizing microscope, please contact me!
Polarizing Microscope Trinocular Microscope BK-POL Chongqing Scope Factory
BK-POL Trinocular Polarizing Microscope is widely used in minerals, chemistry and other fields. In human and zoology, polarizing microscopy is often used to identify bones, teeth, cholesterol, nerve fibers, tumor cells, striated muscles and hair.BK-POL polarizing microscope is a laboratory level microscope in our product series.
Professional BK-POLR Polarizing Microscope with Digital Camera Manufacturers
Professional BK-POLR polarizing microscope with digital camera manufacturers.This polariizng microscope is professional laboraotry instrument to study minerals and metals.It is transmittin and reflecting model for observing.
BK-POLR Polarizing Microscope for Research Minerals Metals with LCD Tablet
BK-POLR polarizing microscope is widely used in laboratory. This model is transmitting and reflecting polarizing microscope.The trinocular microscope can be used with 9.7inch LCD tablet.BK-POLR polarizing microscope is an ideal instrument to research minerals and metals.
BK-POL Polarizing Digital Microscope Trinocular Microscope
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope also named mineralogical microscopeIt is necessary for researching double refraction sample, which is widely used in geology, mineral, chemical industry, medical, drug, criminal investigation fields etc.BK-POL polarizing microscope have two kinds of objectives, Non-stress Infinity Plan Objective (transmitting) and Non-stress LWD Infinity Plan Objective (Reflecting).
BK-POL Polarizing Microscope Binocular Mineralogical microscope Chongqing Scope
BK-POL Binocular Polarizing Microscope uses binocular head which inclined 30°, rotatable 360°.Polarizing Microscope is a microscopy used to study the so-called transparent and opaque anisotropic materials.It has important applications in science and engineering majors such as geology
Polarizing Microscope BK-POL Trinocular Lithofacies Microscope Chongqing Scope
Polarizing microscope can observe the fibrin structure in organisms, detect minerals and crystals and so on.This model is BK-POL trinocular polarizing microscope. The eyepiece is diopter adjustament. It adopts infinity PLAN optical system.Polarizing microscopes are widely used in minerals, chemistry and other fields, as well as in biology and botany and so on.

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