SMART fluorescence microscope is our basic microscope. Our fluorescent devices have LED and mercury lamp sources to choose from. After the upgrade of our fluorescence microscope objective lens, there is a choice of semi-complex fluorescent achromatic objective lens, which has more advantages in the process of fluorescence observation
SMART-FL4 Fluorescence Microscope with LED Illumination B G Uv V Fluorescent Filters
SMART-FL4 LED fluorescence microscope is equipped with 4-groups fluorescence filters.This microscope uses LED light source, and each light source requires different color filters.Fluorescence microscopes are mainly used to observe organisms with fluorescent properties. In addition to the standard four fluorescent color filters of B/G/Uv/V, we can also provide a variety of other color filters.
Fluorescence Microscope 2-Groups Filter SMART-FL2 LED Illumination Lab Instrument
SMART-FL2 fluorescence microscope adopts 2-groups filters. This model uses LED illumination.When operation, please note that the lights correspond to the color filters.In addition to B/G/Uv/V, other color filters can be provided. You only need to send us the spectrum for verification.
Installation of SMART-FL Fluorescence Microscope LED Illumination
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope can be used with LED fluorescence device, and up to 5 sets of fluorescence filters can be added. Fluorescence microscopes are mainly used to observe some organisms with fluorescent properties. Widely used in biological laboratories, hospitals and colleges and universities.
Best Quality Fluorescence Microscope Binocular Trinocular SMART-FL Mercury Lamp Laboratory Instrument Factory
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope with mercuy lampAn upright biological microscope using a mercury lamp fluorescence device can be equipped with 1 to 4 sets of fluorescence filters.Fluorescence microscopy is mainly used to observe and study the absorption and transportation of intracellular substances, the distribution and positioning of chemical substances, etc.This SMART-FL uses an infinity optical system and a Plan lens. In order to obtain better observation results, you can use professional fluorescence objectives.
Installation Fluorescence Microscope SMART-FL Upright Mercury Lamp Illumination
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope is an upright microscope mainly used for observation and research of microorganisms with fluorescent properties. The microscope can be equipped with 1 to 4 sets of fluorescence filters, which can be selected according to your own needs.
Fluorescent Microscope SMART-4FL Lab Instrument Infinity Trinocular Microscope
SMART-4FL fluorescent microscope adopts infinity optical system, and the objectives are Plan 4X~100X objectives.This fluorescence microscope is a relatively basic product we sell. Its shape has evolved from our SMART model, and various accessories can be added or deleted. For some specific configurations, please consult us in detail.
Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope Laboratory SMART-3TR-FL Infinity Optical Model
SMART-FL fluoresnce microscope is infinity optical laboratory instrument. This microscope is widely used in biology laboratory, university, hospital and so on.The fluorescence microscope is equipped with B/G/U/V fluorescence filters. This model used six-hole disc media, so the filters can be chosen by yourselves.
SMART-FL Binocular Infinity Optical Upright Fluorescence Microscope
There are two types of SMART-FL fluorescence microscope series, which are upgraded from SMART-3 and SMART-4 respectively. Among them, the fluorescent color filter can be configured according to one's own choice, two or four groups are all right. Fluorescence microscopy is mainly used to observe some substances with fluorescent properties and analyze them qualitatively and quantitatively.
SMART-3-FL Fluorescence Microscope Lab Equipment Infinity Teaching Level Upright Fluorescence Microscope
SMART-3-FL fluorescence microscope i s lab level microscope. This microscope adopts infinity EPLAN 4x/10x/40x/100x objectives.The fluorescence configuration of a fluorescence microscope can be selected from two or four groups.A regular color filter with four colors: B/G/U/V. If you have any requirements for color filters, please contact us directly.

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