The BDS infinity inverted fluorescence microscope is composed of an inverted biological microscope system and an epi-fluorescence microscope system. It adopts an excellent infinity optical system, the operating performance is designed according to the ergonomics requirements, and the compact and stable high-rigidity main body fully reflects the anti-vibration requirements of micromanipulation. The rotating pendulum-in and pendulum-out condenser system makes the operation process More comfortable and relaxed. 

It is especially suitable for microscopic research on living cells and tissues, fluids, sediments, etc. It is an ideal instrument for research work in biology, cytology, oncology, genetics, immunology, etc.

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS400-FL with Mercury Lamp
BDS400-FL Fluorescence microscope is a professional fluorescence microscope.This fluorescence microscope can be used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells.
Fluorescence Microscope Installation BDS400-FL LED Illumination Microscopy Factory Supply
This video shows how to install the DS400-FL fluorescence microscope.Inverted fluorescence microscope has a wider observation range, which can not only study some sections but also observe some living cells.It is an important product in the laboratory.
Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL LED Model Chongqing Scope Supply
BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope is equipped with integrated LED fluorescence device.This is a new type of fluorescence device, the light source and fluorescence filter together, easy to install and replace, more convenient to use.Inverted observation method, two light distribution can be chosen.
Installation of Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL Mercury Light
If the BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope uses mercury light source, the previous device should still be used. This light source can be installed with up to four sets of fluorescent devices, and the British crown color filters can be selected and matched at will. It is a fluorescence microscope upgraded from our BDS500 model.
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL LED Fluorescent Device
BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope is an upgrade based on the BDS500 inverted biological microscope. The microscope uses an LED fluorescence device. Currently, the fluorescence devices within one-three groups are replaced by newly upgraded equipment. For groups four, the previous devices are still used.Please see the video and parameter configuration for more details.
BDS500FL Fluorescence Microscope Professional Trinocular Inverted Microscope with Digital Photography
BDS500FL inverted fluorescence microscope is trinocular microscope. The head can link with digital camera or tablet.On the bottle of microscope, it has digital photography which can be used with camera.This fluorescence microscope adopts EPI-fluorescence device. Four sets of color filters can be switched freely.
BDS500-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Laboratory Instrument
BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope can add B/G/Uv/V filters on it.This inverted microscope is professional instrument for laboratory.In addition to the previous digital camera interface, this microscope is also equipped with a dedicated DSLR camera interface.
Fluorescence Microscope BDS400FL Professional Inverted Fluorescent Study Instrument
This microscope is BDS400-FL inverted fluorescence microscope. It adopts LED illumiantion.This product has been updated and upgraded to use an integrated device for LED fluorescent light sources, where the color filter and light source are installed together.The magnification of this microscope is 40X~400X. And the objectives have some optional accessories.Please contact us for more details.
Scope - Optical Instrument Trinocular Inverted Fluorescence Biological microscope BDS500-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Optical Instrument Trinocular Inverted Fluorescence Biological microscope creation relies on mature R&D technology and precise market positioning, as well as years of painstaking research.Moreover,customized product is also offered to meet specific requirements of customers.
Scope - Professional Laboratory Instrument Biology BDS500-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Quality-guaranteed raw materials are adopted to ensure microscope, air purifier, metallurgical equipment, hardness tester product quality and its superior performance. In addition, it has an appearance that is designed to lead the Microscopes industry trend.
Scope - Manufacturer Supply Laboratory Professional BDS400-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS400-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
After multiple tests, it proves that utilizing technology contributes to high-efficiency manufacturing and ensuring the stability of Manufacturer Supply Laboratory Professional BDS400-FL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope.It has widespread uses in the application field(s) of Microscopes and is totally worth the investment.
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Professional BDS400-FL with LED Lamp
BDS400-FL fluorescence microscope can be used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells. Some substances in cells, such as chlorophyll, can emit fluorescence after ultraviolet irradiation; some substances can not emit fluorescence themselves, but they can also emit fluorescence after ultraviolet irradiation if they are stained with fluorescent dyes or fluorescent antibodies.

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