The shape of B302E500 microscope is developed and improved based on our B302 product. This digital microscope has a built-in 5MP pixel digital camera with 20:80 light distribution. Behind the head, you can install the tablet holder according to your needs. The overall body has smooth lines, high resolution and perfect definition from infinity correct optical system.
Digital Microscope Laboratory Instrument Binocular B302E500 Biological Digital Microscope
B302e500 digital microscope is upgrated in B302 series microscope. It is built-in 5MP digital camera, which is equipped with measurement software.This microscope is an infinity optical system that can be used to observe biological slices. Use it more for education and presentation.
B302E500 Digital Biological Microscope Infinity 40X~1000X Teaching Microscope Factory Supply
B302E500 digital biological microscope is widely used in media class, hospital, laboratory, clinical and so on.This digital microscope is built-in 5MP CMOS digital camera, USB 2.0.This product is quite versatile, and you can add a holder to place the tablet.Please contact us for detailed information.

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