SMARTE is our smart series of digital microscopes, with a built-in 3MP or 5MP digital camera, and the splitting ratio is 20:80. This microscope is mainly used for teaching activities, so that students in the classroom can watch the video together, and it is also helpful for the management of classroom order.
Digital Microscope Lab USB 2.0 Binocular Biological Digital Microscope Video Microscope
SMART-E500 is digital biological microscope. It is built-in 5MP digital camera, that can be used with computer to deal with images.At present, we only have 5MP digital microscope. This microscope directly omits the installation of the digital head, and generally produces pixels that meet basic requirements.If you are interested in this microscope, please email us!
5MP Digital Microscope Smart-e500 5MP USB Binocular Led Microscope Chongqing Scope
SMART-E500 digital microscope is built-in 5MP digital camera. At present, besides this digital head microscope, we also provide B302E500. The basic configuration of the two microscopes is similar, but the shape is different. You can choose the one you want according to your preference.
Digital Biological Microscope SMART-e500 Built-in 5MP CMOS Digital Camera for Laboratory
SMART-e500 digital biological microscope is built-in 5MP CMOS digital camera.This microscope is suitable for school multimedia classrooms, university research rooms, biology research rooms, and more.Adopting an infinitely distant optical system and equipped with an achromatic objective, it is a sleek and durable microscope.

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