Universal Stereo Microscope

This is stereo microscope with universal stand. The satnd has single arm models and double arm universal stand.

Binocular Stereo Microscope with Universal Stand PCB Repair Tool XTL7045-UD1
 XTL7045 series microscopce adopts streamline integrated mechanical design, Easy operation, long working distance, clear resolved image, enclosure integrated.It uses our XTL7045 binocular head with universal stand.Double universal stand have higher stability, expand the operating range, and can adjust the viewing angle arbitrarily.
Universal Stereo Zoom Microscope XTL7045-UD2 Trinocular with Boom Stand Products | Scope
XTL7045-UD2 is trinocular stereo zoom microscope. There are equipped with double universal stand.The trinocular head is configurated 1X C-mount, and the light distribution is 0:100. The zoom ratio is 1:6.4.Double universal stand is support our stereo microscope head for more stability, and there are multiple fixed knobs, which can adjust the angle according to your own observation method. The stand can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
Trinocular Stereo Microscope XTL7045-UD2 with LCD Camera Universal Microscope
XTL7045-UD2 is trinocular stereo zoom microscope. It can be used with LCD tablet.The head is XTL7045 trinocular head, and the tube is diopter adjustable.The stand is equipped with double universal stand, which can adjust the angle.This stereo zoom microscope is suited for LED, PCB inspection, pressing plating and electronic component inspection.
Universal Stereo Microscope Electronic Inspection XTL7045-US2 Trinocular Model
XTL7045-US2 Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope with single arm universal stand.1X C-mount is standard configure in this trinocular stereo microscopeStandard 7X~45 magnification. It can also achieve greater magnification by replacing eyepiece and auxiliary objectives.
Universal Stereo Microscope Industrial Instrument PCB Repair Tool China Microscope Manufacturer
Stereo Microscope Aaccesory, Universal StandThe stands have single arm model and double arm model. Double arm is more stable than single arm. But the function of them are sameIt can be used with our XTL series, SZX series and XT series stereo microscopes' head.
Universal Zoom Stereo Microscope 6.5X~55X Magnification XTL6555-US1 with Single Arm
XTL6555-US1 zoom stereo microscope is binocular model. It is equipped with single rm universal stand.The microscope is widely used in observe PCB, electrcity industry, biology industry, textile industry and so on.The microscope with universal stand expand the scope of operation.If you are interested in this microscope,  you can leave your email and contact us now!
Trinocular Stereo Microscope with LCD Tablet Double Arm Universal Stand
XTL6555-UD2 stereo microscope with double arm universal stand.It is used to observe PCB and LED, electricity industry, textile industry, and so on.It is equipped with double arm universal stand, which can expand the scope of the operation.If you want to know the price of this microscope, contact us!
Zoom Stereo Microscope Universal Stand  for PCB Repairing Chongqing Scope
XTL6555-UD2 stereo microscope is widely used in LED and repairing inspection.This model is digital camera trinocular microscope. The stand is double arm universal stand.Stereo microscope is widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture and forestry, industry and marine biology.
Stereo Microscope with Double Arm Universal Stand SZX6745-UD2 Trinocular
SZX6745-UD2 stereo microscocpe is equipped with double universal stand. This zoom stereo microscope can expand the scope of operation, also the angle and orientation are adjustable.The microscope is widely used in electricity, textile, PCD inspection and so on.Contact us for more details!
Zoom Stereo Microscope Double Arm Universal Microscope PCB Repair SZX6745-UD1
SZX6745-UD1 binocular stereo microscope is used to repair PCB and electronic inspection.This model is equipped with double arm universal stand.With their large zoom range and long-working distance.These are ideal for high-magnification ,high-resolution observation in biological research, precision-oriented semi-conductorand other industries.
Universal Stereo Microscope with Digital Camera for PCB repairing SZX6745-UD2
This is SZX6745-UD2 trinocular microscope with digital camera.This stereo microscope is equipped wirh double arm universal stand.It can be added fiber light to observe.The stereo microscope is widely used in PCD and LED insoection, biology study, electricity research and so on.id interestd, contact us for more information about this microscope!
Stereo Microscope with Single Universal Stand 20X and 40X Magnification
XT24-US stereo microscope is single universal stereo microscope.It is widely used in Agriculture, Jewelry, electronic industry, Precision mechanism,etc.This microscopes only have two magnificaiton. The standard magnifications are 20X and 40X.

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