Lab Consumables

Laboratory consumables include molecular detection consumables and cell culture consumables. 

We currently provide pipette tips, PCR series, centrifuge tube series, cell culture series and microtiter plates, triangular shake flasks, etc. 

These products can be used in the same laboratory as our microscopes. If necessary, please contact us to order.

Centrifuge Tube Centrifuge Bottle Centrifuge Consumable Factory Supply
Consumables for centrifuge tubes include conventional centrifuge tubes, microcentrifuge tubes and centrifuge bottles. These are used in centrifuges and each product has different capacity specifications.
Elisa Microplates Immunoassay Laboratory Consumables Chongqing Scope Supply
ELISA plates are the consumables needed for immunoassays in our laboratory. The product is made of PS material, and it is aseptically processed before leaving the factory, which can make the experimental results more accurate and stable. We offer three different microtiter plates. Welcome to order if necessary.
Serological Pipette Large-capacity 1ml~50ml Pipette for Laboratory Use
Serological pipette is a measuring-dispensing instrument used only to measure the volume of a solution it dispenses. The pipette is a one-time operation, and the error is small. Commonly used straws have specifications such as 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml. We also offer 25ml and 50ml sizes.
Universal Pipette Tips Laboratory Consumable 5ml~5000ml Various Capacity Model
Universal Pipette TipsThis laboratory consumable is used in biological laboratories and is generally used as a transfer liquid. During the experiment, for the accuracy of the experimental results, it is necessary to select pipette tips of different specifications.
Molecular Detection Consumables PCR Plates & Tubes from Chongqing Scope
Molecular detection consumables include PCR single tubes, PCR 8-tube strips, PCR 96-well plates, 96-well deep-well plates, PCR plate sealing film, etc.There are all kinds of PCR tubes and plates. If you need this products, please contact us.
Universal Pipette Tips 5ul 100ul 200ul 1ml 5ml Micro Pipette Lab Consumables
Universal pipette tips are generally made of PP material, these are micro pipette tips, which can match a variety of single-channel and multi-channel pipettes with flat beats. Our products are all produced in a dust-free workshop, and they are all sterile and mildew-proof tips.

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