Microscope C-mount Optional Accessory for Trinocular Microscope Factory Supply

C-mount for trinocular microscope

This is microscope accessory which is widely used in trinocular head. It can connect digital camera to microscope.

We can supply 0.5X/0.75X/1X C-mount. The C-mount of body microscope is different from that of biological microscope

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For the optional parts of the binocular microscope, here is a part that must be matched, namely our C-mount.

C-mount is an accessory connecting microscope and digital camera. As long as it is a trinocular microscope, it must be used together. Since the screw interface of the digital camera is specified in the international standard, it can be used together. However, the size of the connecting microscope head is different, so if you purchase a trinocular microscope, you are recommended to purchase C-mount together.

Our factory has three series about C-mount. One is for B series biological microscopes, and the other is for other remaining biological microscopes. In addition, C-mount is applicable to stereo microscopes.

C-mount of B series microscope has only two specifications, one is 0.5X and the other is 1X.

The C-mount of other microscopes has three specifications, 0.5X, 0.75X and 1X.

SZ series stereo microscope also has three specifications, 0.5X, 0.7X and 1X.

This option can be matched according to your own needs. In most cases, it is selected according to the data of several terminals.

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