0.5X C-mount used in B Series Microscope and Others

December 01, 2021

0.5X C-mount is a necessary accessory when the trinocular microscope needs to be observed. Unless some microscopes have a built-in C-mount, which does not require configuration, all other trinoculars are required. C-mount can connect our tablet and digital camera when we need to measure and observe the image. There are two models of 0.5X, suitable for different microscopes.

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We have two types of 0.5X C-mount. One is specialized used in B series microscope. The other one is used in other microsocpe models. Also the  method of use is also different. Next will be explained in detail:

The picture shows the 0.5X C-mount which is used in B series microscope. When install it on the microscope, screw the lock screw. When you want to adjust the focus, lossen the lock screw and then turn the focusing which is marked with a red arrow. After adjusting, please tighten the lock screw.

The picture shows the other one. This model of 0.5X C-mount is widely used in BK series, BDS series microscope and so on. When you want to to adjust this focus, first lossen the lock screw, and then use the hex wrench to turn the focusing screw. After adjusting, please tighten the lock screw.

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