New Products XTL/SZX/XT series Stereo Microscope

April 13, 2022

Our company also sell other stereo microscope. There are new products: XTL series microscope, SZX series microscope, XT series microscope.

They are ideal equipment of education and sceience research, high resolution observation in biologivasl reserch, and other insdustries.

New Products XTL/SZX/XT series Stereo Microscope
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About Our  New Products

Now, our company has introduced a batch of stereo microscopes.

These series microscopes are all stereo microscope, targeting the mid-to-low-end market.

There are XTL series, SZX series and XT34 series microscopes. Also the magnifacation and specifications are different.

The stand have four types, it can be chosen by your own needs.

First: XTL7045 series microscope

The magnification of this stereo microscope is 7X~45X. And it's zoom stereo microscope.

It has binocular model and trinocular model optional.

The eyepiece is WF10X/20mm, and zoom ratio is 1:6.4.

XTL7045 series microscope is used extensively world medical research and health care, biology and botany research.

Second: XTL6555 series microscope

SZX6745 series microscopes have biggishzoom ratio, magnification from low to high non-flash in focusing course, large depth of field, long working distance.

It also has binocular and trinocular models.

The eyepiece is WF10X/23mm, zoom ratio is 1:8.5. The magnification of this microscope is 6.5X~55X.

It is widely used in school, biology engineering and science research, industry assemble, test and measure and conttrolling the quality.

Third: SZX6745 series microscope

SZX series stereo microscopes fully coated optical system sharp and clear images with extremely good fatness and contrast.

This microscope has binocular model and trinocular model optional.

The eyepiece is WF10X/22mm. Zoom ratio is 1:6.7. The magnification of this series microscope is 6.7X~45X.

It is ideal equippemwnt for high-resolution observation in biological research, precision-oriented semi-conductorand other industries.

Forth: XT24 series microscope

XT24 series microscope is an implemental stereo microscope. It is widely used in Agriculture, jewelry, electronic industry, precision mechanism, etc.

It is binocular stereo microscope. The eyepiece is WF10X/20mm. Objective is 2X/4X.

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