Focuse The LCD Tablet on Biological Microscope

May 16, 2022

9.7inch LCD tablet Andriod industrial camera

1. Complete Application Functions, Not Only Camera, Also Tablet PC!

2. High Resolution Image Sensor, Good Color Rendition and Definition,1/2.5 " CMOS Sensor, 2592*1936

3. Captured Image Resolution is 4032*3024 (Max)

4. 9.7inch 2048*1536 HD Color Retinal LCD, Can be Operated by USB Keyboard and Mouse

How to focuse the images on industrial camera by focusing C-mount and operating tablet.

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About LCD tablet biological microscope

As we all know, we need adjust the focus first, when we use the tablet. The one who have more experience can ignore this essay. This is for someone who don’t know the focus, Like me~~~

This is the situation we have encounter today. The customer said that the images is not clear on the screen. When eyepiece is clear, the tablet screen is blurry; when adjust the coarse focusing, the screen is clear, but the images is blurry on the eyepiece.

Ok, let’s go:

Big premise! Big premise! Big premise! Pay attention!

When we use the LCD tablet, we need do white balance on tablet.


First, use microscope to find images, adjust the coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob to get clear images. When observe, use 4X/10X objective (Low magnification observe)


Then, Loose the “lock”, adjust the “focus” on the C-mount. Turn the Hexagon wrench all in one direction until the screen show the clear images.



1.There isn't any movement or changes on the screen, no matter how adjust the C-mount.

Congratulation: maybe the C-mount has problems (the factory concluded that the inner lens was installed upside down in the C-mount)

experienced person can can adjust the inner lens, the new bird have chance to get new one!


2.The icon is blurry in the tablet, that comes with the system is not an observation image.

Congratulations again: win a lottery, change the tablet


The above is a summary of today's focusing events

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