Metallographic Sample Equipment in Sale

July 22, 2022

Metallographic sample equipment contains metallographic cutting machine, grinding and polishing machine, and mounting press machine.

These are the three basic steps of metallographic sample preparation.

We provide the most basic metallographic equipment. If you need other functions, please consult our sales personnel in detail.

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Today I will introduce our another products to you——metallographic sample equipment

As we all know, the processing process of metallographic sample preparation includes cutting, mounting press, grinding and polishing. And then observe by metallurgical microscope.


So now our company can support the complete production line with metallographic sample equipment.


First: metallographic cutting machine

At present, we mainly promote five metallographic cutting machines. QG-1 to QG-5 are manual cutting machines, and jmq-60z is automatic metallographic cutting machine. QG-1 is suitable for general metallographic cutting, QG-2 is suitable for general petrographic cutting, QG-3 is suitable for general metallographic and petrographic cutting, and QG-5 is versatile, suitable for cutting of various metallographic material styles.


JMQ-60Z is suitable for precise and deformation free cutting of most metallographic materials

All of these machine are quipped with recycle water tank.


Second: metallographic mounting press

Mounting press is carried out for some small samples that are not easy to handle, samples with irregular shapes that need to protect the edges, or samples that need to be automatically polished

This series of machines are also divided into manual models and automatic models.

XQ-1 and XQ-2 are manual models.There are all adopts manual mechanical pressurization.

XQ-2 is a transformation and upgrading on the basis of XQ-1. The mold sleeve is lengthened, the heating power is large, the inlay efficiency is high, and the operation is more humanized. It is equipped with a water cooling system.

ZXQ-1 adopts automatic mechanical pressurization, without the operator on duty, automatically completes the sample inlay, and has the sound and light alarm function.


Third: metallographic grinding and polishing machine

Grinding and polishing machines are divided into manual and automatic, single disc and double disc.

YMP-1 is manual model with single disc

YMP-2 is manual model with double disc

YMPZ-1 is automatic model with single disc

YMPZ-2 is automatic model with double disc


The above is the introduction of our metallographic equipment. If you have parameter requirements, please browse our product page. Specific problems need to be communicated with our salesperson.

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