Eyepieces Supplied from Chongqing Scope

August 01, 2022
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About our eyepieces, there are two major categories: One is 23.2mm diameter, aother is 30mm diameter.

23.2mm diameter:

Our B series biological microscope and MDJ metallurgical microscope uses WF10X/18mm eyepiece.

B302 series, SMART series biological microscope,  and MIT200, MDS300 metallurgical microscopes use WF10X/20mm eyepiece.

These eyepiece caan add pointer and reticule. It need to note the saler before purchase, because the reticle of the eyepiece needs to be used with a pressing ring device.

30mm diameter:

BK6000, BDS400, MDS400, MIT300, MIT500, BK-PO AND SZ650 use WF10X/22mm eyepiece.

Like this dismeter eyepiece, this can be used directly with a reticle. The eyepiece itself has a pressing ring device.

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