BK Series Microscope Accessories

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About BK Sereis Laboratory Biological Microscope Accessories

Bk series microscope has two types BK5000 and BK6000.

We are microscope manufacturer, we can not only supply the whole microscopes, but also microscope accessories.

The following are BK series microscope accessories that we can supply.

BK5000 uses WF10X/20mm eyepiece (diameter: 23.2mm), BK6000 uses WF10X/22mm eyepiece (diameter: 30mm)

Also there are binocular head and trinocular head.

BK5000's trinocular head has two types. Classification according to light distribution: 20:80 or 0:100.

BK6000's trinocular head has both 20:80 and 0:100 light distribution.

The objectivs adopts finite Plan obejectives. The standard are PLAN 4X/10X/20X/40X/100X objectives.

Also there are 2.5X and 60X objetive options.

Except Abbe condenser, we can also supply the dark field condener and polarizing unit.

l Dark field condenser(dry)available to 4X-40X Objective

l Dark field condenser (wet) available to 100X Objective

10X/20X/40X/100X Independent Phase Contrast Unit

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