SC-CPR480 Advanced Fully Automatic Electronic CPR Manikin for Hospital

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SC-CPR480 Advanced Fully Automatic Electronic CPR Manikin


This advanced fully automatic computer cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulator sc-cpr480 is a leading cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulator product with more perfect shape, more powerful function and more convenient operation, which integrates the advantages of similar foreign products and the joint efforts of the company's scientific and technological personnel, and takes the lead in developing a high-end new product specifically for the popularization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in society and the training of medical colleges and health systems.

It can simulate the opening of standard airway, and it can count electronically and give voice prompts during chest external compression and artificial respiration in artificial hand position.

Executive standard: adopt the American Heart Association (AHA) 2020 international guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) & Cardiovascular first aid (ECC).


Carried Standard
AHA (American Heart Association) 2005 guideline for CPR and ECC
1. Simulation standard open airway,
2. Artificial hand-position chest compression
(1)Dynamic light indicator:standard compression depth(5-6 cm zone)green light.below compression depth (less than 5 cm) yellow light. Above compression depth(more than 6 cm) red light.
(2) Digital counter display of correct and wrong compression.
(3) Sound prompting of wrong compression and reason
3. artificial respiration(blowing)
 (1)Inhalation from 500/600 ml to 1000 ml Dynamic light respectively shows the quantity of inhalation volume;standard inhalation volume(500/600 ml-1000 ml)green light. Above or below inhalation volume,red or yellow light
(2)Digital counter display the times of correct and wrong operations
(3) Sound prompt
4. Ratio of compression and artificial respiratory: 30: 2 (one or two person)
5.Operating cycle: One cycle includes five times of 30: 2 ratio of compression and artificial respiratory.

6. Operation frequency: 100 times per minute (the latest international standard)
7. Operation methods: Exercise operation; Examine operation;self-defined operation
8. Operation time:Timing by the unit of second.
9. Sound prompting device: Volume control; Turning on or turning off sound prompting device 
10. Detached Printer: Print operation result
11. Examination of pupil response: Mydriasis and myosis
12.Examination of carotid response: Touch carotid pulse by hand; Simulating spontaneous carotid pulse in compression process; Simulating spontaneous carotid pulse after examine operation
13.Features: Face skin, cervical skin, chest skin and hair are made of thermoplastic elastomer and using technique of plastic injection mould with high temperature.The manikin has features of good touch, realistic operation feel.


Standard Equipment    

Advanced full-body CPR manikin    1 unit    

Advanced LCD display    1 unit    

Luxury portable plastic box    1 unit    

CPR operation pad    1 unit    

One box of face shield sheets (50 pieces per box)    1 unit    

changeable lung sac    4 unit    

changeable face skin    1 unit    

Temperature sensing print paper    2 unit    

Latest textbook    1 copy    

Guide manual    1 copy    

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