CPR Training Manikin Compression Board Medical Model SC-CPR1

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SC-CPR1 CPR Training Compression Board Medical CPR Manikins

This CPR emergency pressing plate sc-cpr1 is made of high-density polyethylene plastic. Its surface is solid, and one end is concave, which can keep the patient's head tilted back, so that the patient can always keep the airway open during the whole rescue process of CPR emergency. Therefore, it has a special effect on patients with cervical spine injury, and can avoid the secondary injury to the spine caused by the opening of the airway and the lifting posture.


1)The CPR Board provides a firm surface.    

2)Help to fix the position of patient and ensure the patient open airway.    

3)The head cup maintains proper alignment with the patient's head.    

4)The board adopts PE material with no discharge contaminator.    


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