SC-J2A Neonate Head for trachea Intubation Medica Manikin for Hospital Staff Practice

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SC-J2A Neonate Head for trachea Intubation Medica Manikin

This neonatal endotracheal intubation training model SC-J2A can intuitively simulate the anatomical structures of the tongue, mouth, epiglottis, throat, vocal cords and trachea of newborns, and can perform oral and nasal endotracheal intubation teaching and training operations. The head of the model is in a backward posture, which is convenient to open the air duct during operation. Whether the intubation position is correct can be tested by blowing.


1.Realistic anatomy: tongue, cavum oris, pharynx, larynx, chordae vocals, trachea;    

2.Oral and nasal intubation;    

3.Lifelike material;    

4.Directly observe the expansion of lungs and stomach by insufflating air into the tube and stomach so as to verify if the tube position is right.    

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