Nursing Skill Medical Manikin Female Bladder Puncture Simulator SC-H29F

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SC-H29F Female Bladder Puncture Simulator Nursing Skill Medical Manikin

The advanced female bladder puncture model provided by Zhineng medical model is a standard image of the lower abdomen of adult women. The model is made of high-quality raw materials and high-temperature injection molding by precision injection molding machine. It has a real feel and high simulation. It can be used in the training and operation of bladder puncture and catheterization, such as female catheterization, bladder flushing, suprapubic puncture and vesicostomy, open suprapubic vesicostomy, percussion confirmation of bladder filling, etc.


1. Accurate anatomical structure, obvious signs of bone, exposure of FEMALE urethra;    

2. Urethral catheterization , bladder washout and puncture operation;    

3. Bladder can be replaced, can inject fluid into bladder to achieve the state of filling;    

4. Confirm the filling of bladder by percussion; puncture training can be repeated, realistic puncture resistance as in real human, there is obvious feeling when the puncture is correct;    

5.Physiological stenosis of urethra, real urethral catheterization operation

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