Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine

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Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine QG-3 Metallurgical  Equipment
QG-3 metallographic sample cutting machine is a desktop metallographic cutting equipment. The whole machine is welded with steel plate and has good rigidity. It is operated manually by gravity and equipped with circulating cooling system. After cutting, the surface of the sample is bright and smooth without burn. It is an ideal equipment for cutting samples.
Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine QG-5 Metallurgical Equipment
QG-5 metallographic sample cutting machine is suitable for various metallographic materials. The sample can be cut by the longitudinal movement of the table, which has large cutting range and strong cutting ability. It adopts the double-sided clamp structure, which can fix the sample firmly. The main parts of the clamp and cutting table are all made of stainless steel and with built-in flushing water gun, it has long service life and convenient maintenance. The cutting chamber adopts two sides’ transparent plexiglass window, built-in LED lamp and powerful exhaust fan, which makes observation more clear. With cabinet structure, it is easy to store all kinds of cutting consumables. With circulating cooling water tank, the surface of the sample after cutting is bright and flat without burns, thus it is the ideal equipment for sample cutting. 
Automatic Metallographic Precision Cutting Machine JMQ-60Z  Sample Cutting Machine
JMQ-60Z metallographic precision cutting machine is an automatic metallographic sample cutting machine controlled by single chip microcomputer. It is suitable for cutting metal, electronic components, ceramic materials, crystals, cemented carbide, etc.
Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine QG-1 Manual Equipment
QG-1 manual metallographic sample cutting machine is a desktop type manual machine.It adopts high speed rotating resin cut-off wheel to cut the samples, and widely used in the metallographic laboratory for cutting various samples, which is very easy to operate and maintain.

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