Ozone Disinfector

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Ozone Disinfector Portable Ozone Disinfection Air Purification
Portable ozone disinfector is a stainless steel shell with anti-corrosion function. The operation panel is simple and easy to use. The function of mobility is more convenient. The ozone disinfector has its own intellectual property rights.
Portable Ozone Sterilizer for Hospital Beds
The bed unit ozone disinfector adopts high concentration ozone generation device and air pump pressurization technology to input high concentration ozone into the bedding, pillow core and mattress wrapped in the special bedspread in the way of semi closed pressurization infiltration, so as to achieve the purpose of bed unit disinfection and kill pathogenic microorganisms in the hotbed
Wall-mounted Ozone Disinfector Ozone Disinfection
Wall-mounted Ozone disinfection is an active disinfection method, broad-spectrum sterilization, no dead angle, automatic return to oxygen after disinfection. It needs automatic operation in unmanned environment, infrared remote control and program control, with temporary disinfection function.

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