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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS400-FL with Mercury Lamp
BDS400-FL Fluorescence microscope is a professional fluorescence microscope.This fluorescence microscope can be used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells.
Trinoculr Fluorescence Microscope Professionl Fluorescence Microscope BK5000
BK5000-FL Fluorescence Microscope is professional laboratory microscope,  which is widely used in biological laboratories, medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, etc. This model is trinoculr fluorescence microscope. It can be linked with Cold CCD. Chongqing Scope is professional microscope supplier, BK5000-FL fluorescence miccroscope is a microscope with good cost performance in our company.
Installation Fluorescence Microscope SMART-FL Upright Mercury Lamp Illumination
SMART-FL fluorescence microscope is an upright microscope mainly used for observation and research of microorganisms with fluorescent properties. The microscope can be equipped with 1 to 4 sets of fluorescence filters, which can be selected according to your own needs.
Fluorescence Microscope BK6000-FL Trinocular Laboratory Microscope Chongqing Scope
BK6000-FL trinocular fluorescence microscope is widely used in cell biology, neurobiology, botany, microbiology, pathology, genetics and other fields. BK6000-FL fluorescence microscope upgrades the objectives to semi apochromatic objectives, which has better observation effect.Fluorescence microscope is produced by our Chongqing Scope. This mdoel uses 10X/22mm eyepiece.
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope BDS500-FL LED Fluorescent Device
BDS500-FL fluorescence microscope is an upgrade based on the BDS500 inverted biological microscope. The microscope uses an LED fluorescence device. Currently, the fluorescence devices within one-three groups are replaced by newly upgraded equipment. For groups four, the previous devices are still used.Please see the video and parameter configuration for more details.
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Professional BDS400-FL with LED Lamp
BDS400-FL fluorescence microscope can be used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and location of chemical substances in cells. Some substances in cells, such as chlorophyll, can emit fluorescence after ultraviolet irradiation; some substances can not emit fluorescence themselves, but they can also emit fluorescence after ultraviolet irradiation if they are stained with fluorescent dyes or fluorescent antibodies.
Fluorescence Microscope Professional Laboratory Instrument BDS400-FL
BDS400-FL inverted fluorescence microsope is proffessional laboratory equipment. BDS400 inverted biological microscope can add fluorescence device to become fluorescence microscope. The installation steps are simple and the observation effect is clear.
BDS400FL Fluorescence Microscope High Performance Supplier
BDS400FL microscope is lab level invertted fluorescence microsocpe. It adopts infinity PLAN optical system. The base illumination has many options: LED or halogen.Also the fluorescence illmintion have two optionals: LED or Halogen.
Fluorescence Microscope BK5000-FL with Semi Apochromatic Objective Chongqing Scope
BK5000-FL trinocular fluorescence microscope is the professional isntrument which is used in laboratory, hospital, clinic etc.  This model of BK5000FL fluorescence microscope is used semi apochromatic objectives, the effective of observation is better than infinity Plan objectives. Also the fluorescence unitcan choose illumination system: 100W mercury lamp or 5W LED.
Binocular Fluorescence Microscope Precision Instrument BK5000-FL Chongqing Scope
BK5000-FL binocular fluorescencec microscope is used to study the absorption, transportation, distribution and localization of chemicals in cells. This microscope is equipped with semi apochromatic objective. Using the updated objective lens, the observation effect is better. BK5000-FL fluorescence microscope is equipped with fluorescen unit. The illumination system can be selected. There are also other optional accessories. Email us for detail information: claire@cqscope.comwww.cqscopemicro.com
Binocular Fluorescence Microscope BK6000-FL Model Chongqing Scope
BK6000-FL fluorescence microscope is with the best fluorescent configuration, the fluorescent device can communicate with the salesperson according to their own needs.This fluorescence microscope adopts a semi complex fluorescence achromatic objective lens, and the observation effect is much better than that of an ordinary flat field objective lens.Fluorescence microscopy is used to study the absorption and transport of substances in cells
BK series Fluorescence Microscope Products | Scope
Bk series fluorescence microscope is laboratory instrument which is widely used in professional laboratory, medical laboratory, factory inspection, laboratory research.The fluorescence microscope have two illumination options: LED light cource and Mercury light source.And this series microscope have two kinds of models: BK5000 and BK6000.

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