XTL6555 Stereo Microscope

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Unlike traditional light bulb sources, the product does not get hot, so very little energy is wasted as heat. It also does not produce ultraviolet or infrared rays which can not be seen by the human eye. .
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Magnification 6.5X~55X Lab Instrument Zoom Stereo Microscope
XTL6555-J4-T microscope is trinocular stereo microscope. This dissecting microscope can be used to observe biological samples such as animals and plants, and to detect electronic components, semiconductors, repair mobile phones, etc。
Binocular Stereomicroscope for Phone Repairing XTL6555-J3-B
XTL6555-J3-B binocular stereo microscope is widely used in an be satisfied the demands of checking up, measure and analysis in modern biology, medicine, environment, agriculture and forestry, chemistry industry, police. micro-electronics, semiconductors etc.
Cheap Zoom Stereo Microscope XTL6555-J3-T Trinocular with LCD Tablet
XTL6555-J3-T trinocular stereo zoom microscope is widely used in biology research, science study, electronic component inspecting.This microscope uses vertical LED stand and LCD tablet.The overall model is light and portable, with simple installation and smooth operation.
Zoom Stereo Microscope Trinocular Model Factory Price
XTL6555-J3-T stereo microscope is trinocular dissecting microscope.This microscope is widely used in biology research, science study, electronic repairing, and so on.There are equipped with up-down illumination on the microscope stand. It's easy to operate when observing.
Trinocular Stereo Microscope with LCD Tablet Double Arm Universal Stand
XTL6555-UD2 stereo microscope with double arm universal stand.It is used to observe PCB and LED, electricity industry, textile industry, and so on.It is equipped with double arm universal stand, which can expand the scope of the operation.If you want to know the price of this microscope, contact us!
Zoom Stereo Microscope Universal Stand  for PCB Repairing Chongqing Scope
XTL6555-UD2 stereo microscope is widely used in LED and repairing inspection.This model is digital camera trinocular microscope. The stand is double arm universal stand.Stereo microscope is widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture and forestry, industry and marine biology.
Zoom Stereo Microscope Binocular Head Factory Price
XTL6555-J2-B stereo microscope is binocular dissecting microscope.The magnification of this microscope is 6.5X~55X.This stereo microscope is widely used in schools, biology engineering and science research, industry assemble, test and measure and controlling the quality.
XTL6555-J2-T Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with 3MP digital Camera Microscopy Factory
XTL6555-J2-T stereo microscope is trinocular model with vertical sector stand. The trinocular head is equipped with digital camera.There are also many kinds of digital cameras to chose from.The stereo microscope used with the digital head can be linked to its own computer and has special image processing software.
Stereo Microscope for PCB Repairing Binocular Model XTL6555-UD1
This is XTL6555 stereo microscope with double arm universal stand.The micrcoscope can expand the scope of operation.Magnification of this XTL6555-UD1 microscope is 6.5X~55X.If you need this microscope, contact us!
Stereomicroscope Trinocular Digital Camera with Universal Stand XTL7045-US2
XTL7045-US2 stereo microscope is trinocular model, can be used with digital camera. This model is equipped with single arm universal stand.The stand can expand the scope of operation.And the stereo microscope is ideal equipment to solder the PCB, LCD inspection, biology research, textile indstry.Contact us for price and packing size.
Tablet Dissecting Microscope with Up-down Illumination XTL6555-J4-T
XTL6555-J4-T trinocular microscope is stereo zoom microscope. This model is equipped with 9.7inch LCD tablet.The stand is configured up-down illumination, and brightness is adjustable.The stereo microscope with tablet is ideal instrument to repairing phone, inspect electronics and biology research.
Digital Camera Zoom Stereo Microscope XTL6555-J4-T Trinocular Model
It is trinocular stereo microscope with digital camera. The stereo microscope is usually used  to repairing  smart phone.This microscope is linked with our 3MP digital camera. It is easy to operate the iamges. It is an ideal industrial and laboratory equipment

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