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CPR Manikin Automatic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Simulator SC-CPR480
SC-CPR480 manikin is hot-sale CPR simulator in our company.This full-automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulation figure is beautiful and cheap, and is made under the guidance of domestic authoritative experts, with the joint efforts of the strengths of similar foreign products and the company's scientific and technological personnel.
SC-J58 Advanced Tracheostomy CPR Medical Manikin for Hospital Training
SC-J58 Advanced Tracheostomy CPR Medical ManikinThis advanced adult tracheotomy nursing model is based on the head, neck and upper trunk of an adult male. The mouth and nose have open insertion ports and tracheotomy stomas.It is made of high-quality raw materials. It is soft, elastic and lifelike. It can be used to practice nursing and suction techniques after tracheotomy
Child Trachea Intubation Medical Training Manikin SC-J4A Model
SC-J4A model is child trachea intubaton medical training manikin. It is widely used in hospital, medical school, universities and so on.This medical manikin is used for children's tracheal intubation training. For first aid type.

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