Student Biological Microscope

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Biological Microscope Student Level B204TR Trinocular Model Produced by Chongqing Scope
B204TR microscope is trinocular biological microscpe. It adopts finite optical system. The light distribution of this microscope is 20:80.This student level biological microscope is widely used to obsesrve biological sections, biological cells, fine particles and other objects.
Biological Microscope with Tablet B204TR Trinocular Student Microscope from China
B204TR trinocular microscope is student level biological microscope. It adopts finite optical system, and the magnification is 40X~1000X.The fuselage is arc-shaped design, which is convenient for handling. The frame made of aluminum alloy is more durable.
Biological Microscope Digital Camera B204TR Trinocular Model Factory Supply
B204TR trinocular microscope is widely used in biology laboratory, high school, etc.This is trinocular microscope, light distribution is 20:80. The microscope with digitcal camera can process observed images.We also can supply many kinds of digital cameras. Also the C-mount has many types.

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