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Trinocular Stereo Microscope Dissecting Microscope SZ680TP Scope
SZ680TP stereo microscope is trinocular microscope. When observing with stereo microscope, the observation body needs no processing and production, and can be observed directly under the lens with lighting, such as upright, easy to operate and anatomize. This one is designed without light source, and the ratio of light splitting is 0:100. Coarse focusing is standard, and the coaxing coarse & fine arm stand, as well as the pillar stand can be selected. High resolution, large depth of field, excellent color restoration and contrast. Operation comfortable(manufactured by high-precision machine, excellent assembly technology ). High- end material(PC resin cover, aluminium alloy ,copper alloy parts, austenite stainless steel driving parts).
Binocular Stereo Microscope with Universal Stand PCB Repair Tool XTL7045-UD1
 XTL7045 series microscopce adopts streamline integrated mechanical design, Easy operation, long working distance, clear resolved image, enclosure integrated.It uses our XTL7045 binocular head with universal stand.Double universal stand have higher stability, expand the operating range, and can adjust the viewing angle arbitrarily.
Digital Microscope DMSZ7 Series Stereo Microscope
DMSZ7 stereo microscope is digital microscope. Compared with traditional optical microscopes, DMSZ series with display and builtin camera, is easy to observe and operate, also available for digital magnification and data storage. Avoided the fatigue by long-time observation, users are able to enjoy the comfortable operating experience.
Dissecting Stereo Microscope with Light SZ810T2L Microscope Supplier
Trinocular Stereo microscope adopt greenough optical system, built-in rotating shaft zoom system. The operation of stereomicroscope is comfortable, and the stereo microscope is also the most widely used,such as research on zoology, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology, geology and dermatology; In the textile industry, it is used for the inspection of raw materials and cotton wool fabrics; etc.Trinocular stereo microscope adopt high resolution, large depth of field, excellent color restoration and contrast. SZ810 model uses 10x/24mm eyepiece and has reflecting & transmitting illumination. You can add digital camera or tablet on third eyepiece which is optional. The light distributing is 0:100.
Universal Stereo Zoom Microscope XTL7045-UD2 Trinocular with Boom Stand Products | Scope
XTL7045-UD2 is trinocular stereo zoom microscope. There are equipped with double universal stand.The trinocular head is configurated 1X C-mount, and the light distribution is 0:100. The zoom ratio is 1:6.4.Double universal stand is support our stereo microscope head for more stability, and there are multiple fixed knobs, which can adjust the angle according to your own observation method. The stand can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
Trinocular Stereo Microscope XTL7045-UD2 with LCD Camera Universal Microscope
XTL7045-UD2 is trinocular stereo zoom microscope. It can be used with LCD tablet.The head is XTL7045 trinocular head, and the tube is diopter adjustable.The stand is equipped with double universal stand, which can adjust the angle.This stereo zoom microscope is suited for LED, PCB inspection, pressing plating and electronic component inspection.
China Stereo Zoom Microscope manufacturers-Scope
Scope China SZ650BP Stereo Zoom Microscope manufacturers-Scope,We can provide professional pre-sale, in-sale consultation and after-sales service. All products are guaranteed for one year and can be supplied with repair parts for a long time. All customer inquiries can be answered quickly and promptly. SZ650BP Stereo Zoom Microscope  with Coaxial  Coarse & Fine Focusing
Binocular Stereo Light Microscope with LED Illumination SZ680B2L Supplier
Stereomicroscope, also named dissecting microscope, is widely used in material macroscopic surface observation, failure analysis, fracture analysis and other industrial fields. It has been widely used in zoology, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology, geology, dermatology and textile industry.SZ680B2L stereo microscope is the basic model developed and sold by Chongqing Scope company. SZ680B2L stereo zoom microscope is a binocular microscope with a arm stand of reflective and transmitted light. This microscope model itself is configured according to the standard. If you need other parameters, you can consult the sales staff for details.
DMSZ7P Digital Microscope Stereo Microscope Chongqing Scope
DMSZ7P stereo microscope is equipped the LCD which operation is more easy and the imaging is intuitive. Don't need to connect to the computer.It is widely used in textile products, chemical industry, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing industry, colleges and universities, archaeological research and many other fields.
Stereo Zoom Digital Microscope SZ680TP Model
SZ680TP stereo microscope is trinocular stereo microscope. The microscope can linked with LCD and digital camera, which must be added C-mount. The stand is pillar stand, so there is no light.Pillar stand adopts a small base, which does not take up space and the overall shape is more smooth.Dissecting microscope is often used to study the surfaces of solid specimens or to carry out close work such as dissection, microsurgery, watch-making, circuit board manufacture and so on. Stereo microscopes are ideal tools in entomology.
Cutomized Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope SZ810TP for Soldering Tolls
SZ810TP stereo zoom microscopes adopt greenough optical system, high resolution, large depth of field, excellent colar restoration and contrast.It is widely used in textile, circuit board, metal, animal and plant, etc. This model uses coarse focusing knob. The stand is pillar stand.The head of SZ810 has a 35° tilt angle, which is suitable for long-term work observation. The pillar stand saves the space environment and the shape is more compact and exquisite. Zoom in focus, more precise adjustment and more convenient image observation.
Stereo Light Microscope with Digital Camera XTL7045-T2 Chongqing Scope Microscope Supplier
XTL7045-T2 stereo microscope is trinocular microscope, it can used with digital camera. The video shows the microscope with 3MP digital camera.This model uses up-down light, and the brightness is adjustable.Zoom stereo microscope is usually used in repairing phone PCB, and Check the authenticity of banknotes and so on.Through guaranteeing the quality of raw material purchasing,  concentrates on the source to keep  high quality.

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