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Digital Microscope DMSZ7 Series Stereo Microscope
DMSZ7 stereo microscope is digital microscope. Compared with traditional optical microscopes, DMSZ series with display and builtin camera, is easy to observe and operate, also available for digital magnification and data storage. Avoided the fatigue by long-time observation, users are able to enjoy the comfortable operating experience.
B302E500 Digital Biological Microscope Infinity 40X~1000X Teaching Microscope Factory Supply
B302E500 digital biological microscope is widely used in media class, hospital, laboratory, clinical and so on.This digital microscope is built-in 5MP CMOS digital camera, USB 2.0.This product is quite versatile, and you can add a holder to place the tablet.Please contact us for detailed information.
DMSZ7P Digital Microscope Stereo Microscope Chongqing Scope
DMSZ7P stereo microscope is equipped the LCD which operation is more easy and the imaging is intuitive. Don't need to connect to the computer.It is widely used in textile products, chemical industry, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing industry, colleges and universities, archaeological research and many other fields.

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