Biological Microscope

Biomicroscope is a kind of precision optical instrument used to observe biological sections, biological cells, bacteria, living tissue culture, fluid precipitation, etc., as well as other transparent or translucent objects, powders, fine particles and other objects. Biological microscope is used for medical and health units, colleges and universities, research institutes, etc.

Classification by location level: It can be divided into student level, experimental level and research level.

Classification by the number of eyepieces: It can be divided into monocular, binocular and tricular biological microscopes.

Our company has B series, B302 series, Smart series, BK series biological microscope.

Binocular Biological Microscope B301 Butterfly Head Type
B301 binocular biollogical microscope is bright finity optical microscope. This biological microscope is built-in low voltage LED illumination system which can be powered with power bank, laptop and vehicle power supply ensures being used anywhere and any condition.Biomicroscope is small and portable, and the observation effect is good. This model uses finity optical system. It's ideal among our Lab equipment.B301 microscope is widely used in medical testing, laboratory research, university teaching, etc.
Professional Trinocular Optical Biological Microscope BK5000 Model
BK5000 is professional biological microscope, widely used in clinical laboratory and university teaching. It adopts coaxial coarse and fine focusing unti. It is trinocular type, so the head can add digital camera or tablet, which are equipped with software. The microscope has a wide range of uses, and can be configured according to needs.
Trinocular Biological MicroscopeB204TR Finite Optical System Student 1000X Magnification
B204TR biological microscope is trinocular model.It adopts finite optical sysytem, the magnificaiton is 40X~1000x.The B204 uses the Plan objective lens, and the observation effect is much better than that of the achromatic objective lens. Microscopes are used in school teaching, laboratory research, etc.
BK5000TR Lab Biological Microscope Upright Microscopy 20:80 Light Distribution
This model is BK5000TR trinocular microscope. It is lab level instrrument , widely used in laboratory, hosptical, colleges and so on.This model's light distribution is 20:80. 20% for eyepiece, 80% for photography camera.BK5000TR is hot sale microscope in our company, and the quantity is well.
Digital Biological Microscope B302TR-2 Model with Digital Camera Supplier & manufacturers | Scope
B302TR-2 biological microscope is trinocular model. This model can be used with digital camera to deal the observing images.The microscope is widely used in University biological laboratory, hospital research room.
BK5000 Binocular Biological Microscope Infinity Optical Laboratory Instrument
BK5000 is binocular biological microscope. It is laboratory level microscope, widely used in lab research, colleges, hospital, clinical and so on.It adopts infinity optical system with PLAN objectives.This binocular microscope is best choice to observe biology sections.
Plan Objective Biological Microscope SMART-4 Binocular Microscope Instrument by Chongqing Scope
SMART-4 Biological Microscope is the best configuration in our SMART series microscope. This is binocular model that just can  be observed by eyes.It adopts infinity optical system, so the objective is infinity PLAN objectives.SMART-4 binocular biological microscope is widely used in university, hospital, institute of biology, clinical, school and so on.
Trinocular Biological Microscope BK5000TR Model with Digital Camera
BK5000 trinocular biological microscope is professional biological microscope. The light distribution is 0:100 and 20:80 optional. LCD and digital camera can be shosen, also there are sofeware to operate. It need to be linked with C-mount. 
LCD Biological Microscope SMART-4TR Teaching Tool with 9.7inch LCD Tablet
SMART-4TR Biological Microscope is teaching level microscope. It can be used in colleague teaching, laboratory, biological Research Institution  and so on. The unique and novel shape, coupled with our microscope LCD tablet, makes teaching and discussion more intuitive and convenient. SMART-4 microscope is really ideal laboratory instrument.
Biological Microscope BK5000TR Trinocular Microscope Professional Laboratory Instrument
BK5000TR biological microscope is a professional optical biological microscope, which is widely used in hospital clinical laboratory, university teaching and professional laboratory,and so on. Excellent infinity optical system for perfect resolution and definition.
Trinocular Biological Microscope SMART-3TR With LCD Tablet Manufacturer
SMART-3TR Biological Microscope can be used with tablet. This is trinocular microscope, the light distribution is 20:80.Also SMART-3TR microscope adopts bright field observation and infinite optical system. It is widely used in school teaching, biological research and so on. The observation effect is remarkable, and a variety of optional devices can be added for upgrading.
Trinocular Biological Microscope with Digital Camera SMART-3TR Infinite Optical Microscopy
SMART-3TR biological microscope is trinocular model. This one is equipped wiht digital camera.This product is used for observing biological slices. The appearance of the digital camera has been updated. Please consult in detail for specific parameters and shapes. The magnification of a biological microscope is between 40X and 1000X, and it is used in medical assays, laboratories, universities, and vocational colleges for teaching.

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